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Last Updated: April 21, 2023

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How To Survive "The Escape Room"


The "FNAF Escape Room '' is the first level in Glitched  Attraction. In order to survive this level you will have to solve puzzles and avoid being attacked by the Mannequins. There are multiple minigames on this level, this guide will focus on how to escape the first room.

The level will begin with you talking to a Welcome Bot where you will then be required to hand over your backpack. You will then proceed to the "Stage Room".

In the front of this room there will be a stage filled with animatronics and at the back of the room you will find "Foxy". Go to Foxy and there you will be given a flashlight. You must then crawl into a vent and you will crawl into the "Escape Room".

In this room you will need to find two keys and a combination to the safe so that you will be able to escape. While you are in this room you will need to avoid being killed by some scary mannequins.

The first mannequin that you will need to look out for is Freddy Fazbear. He will appear in the glass windows.You will need to manage the blue curtains and keep them closed to prevent Freddy Fazbear from entering the window.

Balloon Boy is sitting on a white chair in the corner of the room. Shining your flashlight at Ballon Boy will prevent him from moving. You will also need to hide in the golden Freddy costume to avoid the Marinnet.

You will need to find the keys and complete the puzzle before Nightmare Body spawns. The keys are randomly hidden around the room, usually they can be found in the drawer. The keys must be used to open a mysterious sealed box.

You will then be given a green tile piece that fits into a puzzle on the wall. Once you have solved the puzzle, the safe code will appear behind the puzzle. Now that you have the safe code enter the 6 digits on the safes panel. The safe will unlock and you must grab the hammer from inside the safe.

Use the hammer to pry off the wooden beams across the door. Once the beams are off, you can open the door and escape the level.

Markiplier shows you how to survive the escape room.

Read Game Over Comments


When you are killed by an animatronic in the game, there will be a "Game Over" screen that will appear. Read the notes on the screen as it will give you some tips about the animatronic creature that killed you.

Use the tips that have been given to avoid being killed by the same animatronic when you restart the level.

Use the Strategy Guide


At the beginning of a level there will be a device referred to as the "Tip Manager" that will appear on the screen. The tip manager will give the player tips on how they can survive the specific challenge that they face. 

The Tip Manager will only give a player a limited amount of information, the rest of the information the player will have to figure out as the challenge is played. When the Tip Manager is on the screen the player can freely scout the room before the challenge commences.

The Tip Manager will appear on every level except for "Lost Media Level" where you will have to figure out how to solve the level.

FusionZGamer shares some tips on Glitch Attraction.

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