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Last Updated: May 9, 2023

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Game Tips and Tricks


Here are some helpful tips:

  • Batteries are connected in series (inline). One cable runs from the transformer to the input of the first battery, the output from that battery is connected to the input of battery number two, and so on. It will maintain power through all sandstorms, nights, etc. by wiring 9 batteries in this manner, then connecting the final battery to the HAB.
  • You can directly refill your mine's oxygen tank at the oxygen port on the mine's oxygen tank port if it has stored oxygen.
  • Open the glass door to the scrubber inside the HAB, then press the "Fill Bottle" button to fill O2 bottles. then pickup the green bottle that has appeared at the bottom left of the inside of the scrubber.
  • Use the two levers in the middle, once each on the left and right, to adjust the CO2 scrubber's O2 production for the best results.
  • Keep in mind to construct two airlocks whenever you build the base's entrance. This will stop the room from losing pressure.

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