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Last Updated: February 14, 2023

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How to do some of the main quests Guides


Replace front tire

Oil change

A Good old-fashioned visit to the mechanic

Replace air filter

Replace brake Caliper Front (Slick)

Replace brake Disc Front

Replace brake Pad Front Left

Replace brake Pad Front Right

Replace fuel Valve

Light Rear (Classic)

Replace throttle Left

Replace throttle Right

Missing handlebar

Add handgrip Left

Add handgrip Right

Add handlebar Lever Left

Add handlebar Lever Right

Add mirror Left

Add mirror Right

Change right Front Glass

Change speedometer

Change turn signal front left

New purchase, Old Motorcycle

Replace battery

Replace engine Rotor

Replace engine Starter

Replace fuse Box Main

How to do an oil change

Select the motorcycle and hold down the Right Mouse Button (RMB) to bring up the radial menu. Choose the motorcycle maintenance option in the top left of the menu. Find the oil cap on the engine and select it. Remove the oil cap. After removing the oil cap, highlight the hole, and you should be prompted to change the oil. Hold Left Mouse Button (LMB) to start pouring the oil. Hold the oil close to 90 degrees. On the right-hand side, you will see a droplet start to fill up with orange, the game will stop pouring once the droplet is full. Press escape to stop the procedure. If the oil cap doesn’t automatically close, just hold RMB and choose the Assembly option. Highlight the oil cap on the engine and hold LMB to close it.

The same procedure is used to remove oil, but when you remove the oil cap, a suction symbol will appear. Just hold LMB to remove oil.


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