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Last Updated: October 31, 2022

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  • First Released: Aug 20, 2021

Cheat Trainer Cheats

As farming games go, Farmer Life Simulator is pretty great! Famer Life Simulator, unfortunately, does not support cheats on its system. You can make use of a trainer to activate cheats in the game, though. 

We suggest you make use of Plitch or Wemod trainer. Both offer a good number of cheats for the game. Plitch offers 15 codes, out of which 5 are free, and the rest are premium. The cheats Plitch offers are:

Free cheats

  • Prepare ( Activate this before all other cheats )
  • Set Money
  • Fill Health
  • Fill Energy
  • Become Drunk

Premium Cheats

  • Unlimited animal health
  • Unlimited energy
  • Unlimited health
  • Slowdown time
  • No animal hunger
  • Never hungry
  • Never thirsty
  • No inventory weight penalty
  • Set morale
  • Set age

There is quite a great variety of cheats here. To use Plith is pretty simple. All you need to do is install Plitch on your PC or Console. Then open the program, and set your bitrate, for example, 64bit. Then search for the Farming life simulator and enter the game. Once you have done this, activate and prepare the rest of the cheats when you need to.

Heres a video showing you how to use Plitch for the cheats.


Unlocking Land Unlockables

In terms of unlockables, there aren't many in the game. You mostly unlock more land by buying open areas or plots to plant more tomatoes. Basically, anything you would need to spend money on as a farmer, you would have to spend money on in the game to get. 


Beginners guide Guides

The first place you are going to start is in your bedroom. It would be best to start on easy whilst you are still learning. Make your way down the stair, and avoid getting stuck at the banister. You have to move close to the wall to be able to walk down.

Make your way outside, doors open for you automatically. On the left-hand side of your house, you will find your creates, fertilizer, and a water tank. Left-click on the crate, and you will pick it up. 


How to Harvest Tomatoes Guides

With your crate, walk towards the tomatoes. When you get to the tomatoes, you will notice an option menu come up at the bottom of your screen. It will say;

  • Ready to harvest
  • Tomato
  • Water
  • Fertilizer
  • Harvest

The first two are just giving you information about the plant. The rest are options. You can either continue growing the tomatoes by adding fertilizer or click ‘F’ to harvest. Fill up your crate. Once the creat is full, go to your truck and load it up.


How to Use the map Guides

The map is pretty important in the game. You are on the upper right-hand side of the map, with a gas station in the middle between you and the town. On the upper left-hand side, you have a nursery. In town, you have your basic stores.

You will see a prompting to use the map once you enter your vehicle. The map makes navigating much easier, so use it often. To use the Map, hit the M key.


Using Low Range Guides

When using your truck, the loads you have on the back can, at times, be very heavy. When going up hills, this can be especially problematic. Luckily, the truck has a low-range gear giving it the power it needs to climb hills. You can change to a low range by pressing Y.

Your truck also takes dame when you go offroad or hit into things. This can get rather expensive to fix, so be careful. If you flip the car, you can press R to reset the truck.


Selling Produce Guides

Using your map, search for the vegetable shop. At the start of the game, you might only have one or two creates to sell. That's okay. As you make money and buy more plots, you can produce more.

There are three vegetable shops. Not all of them operate at the same time, though, so look for the one that is open. Take your crate into the store and put it in the middle of the square. Go up to the panel on the left and sell your crate. 


Buying Plants & Products Guides

Once you have sold all of your produce, you need to restock by buying more plants from the nursery. As mentioned, the nursery is on the top left of the map. You will need to drive up there. Once you get to the nursery, you can choose the plants you need to buy.

Keep in mind that some plants look similar. You don't want to buy an apple tree when you are in need of tomatoes. To see the difference, just walk up to the plant, and the dropdown menu will show at the bottom with the plant's information.

To buy a plant, look at it and press F. You can buy more than one if you need to. At the nursery, you can buy tomatoes, apples, chillis, eggplant, and more. Try to focus on producing what brings in the most income. 

You can buy fertilizer from the nursery as well. You will find fertilizer on the left next to the eggplants. Other items you can buy from the nursery are a fertilization system and irrigation system. If you are wanting to produce a lot, you will need to purchase excess crates from the nursery as well.

Try to limit your trips to the nursery by buying everything you need in one go when you do make trips there. 


Unpacking and Planting Guides

When you buy new plants or crates, you need to unpack them. It would be easier to unpack if you park your truck closer to your plot and storage area. When you take the plants off the truck, you can put them on the floor and then unpack them, making them ready to plant.

You need to grab your plants one by one and walk over to your empty plot. Stand over a hole with your plant and press F to plant your plant. Do this repeatedly until all your plants have been planted or you have no holes left.

If your drop-down menu shows the water and fertilizer as red, this means you need to water and fertilize your plants. To do this, you just need to collect your fertilizer or watering can and walk over to a plant needing it, and press F. 

Note that you will have to refill your watering can at the water tank and replace your fertilizer by buying more at the nursery. 

Those are the basics of playing the game. From here onwards, you basically repeat these processes and buy new plots and better systems to optimize produce.

Heres a video with more details on how to farm in the game.


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