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Last Updated: December 20, 2022

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  • Ratings: PEGI 18,
  • First Released: Jan 14, 2021

Ebola Cheats Cheats

Ebola 2 is among one the best horror games. Unfortunately, Ebola 2 does not allow you to use cheats directly on its platform. You can make use of a trainer though. A trainer we would suggest is Plitch Trainer. With Plitch trainer you have access to some great cheats, 6 0f which are free, and 24 are for premium users.

Free cheats:

  • Prepare - always use this first as it prepares the program to activate the other cheats
  • Refill health
  • Low Health
  • Increase Movement
  • Decrease Movement Speed
  • Regular Movement Speed

Premium Cheats:

  • God Mode
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Zombies: Freeze Movement
  • Slow Zombies
  • Fast Zombies
  • Set Zombie Speed
  • Zombies: Regular Movement
  • Witch: Freeze movement
  • Slow witch
  • Fast witch
  • Set Witch speed
  • Zombies: Easy Kil
  • Inventory Slots 1-11 

Using Plitch trainer is pretty easy. You need to make sure you have it installed on your device. Once you have it installed, enter it and search for Ebola 2. When you are in the game activate prepare and then any of the other cheats when you need them. 



Ebola Mode Easter Eggs

If it isn’t obvious in the name of this game. Ebola 2 often makes references to deadly viruses we have experienced in Real life. A great example of this is when you how Ebola mode is actually a mode that comes from the Yandere Simulator.


Play in Easy mode Hints

If you are new to the game start by playing in easy mode. Easy mode gives you a lot more time to solve puzzles and get around before you have a horde of zombies attack you. Surviving in easy mode is much easier and will help you learn how to play the game before you are ready to take the challenge of the more difficult levels. 


Check Everywhere Hints

As a survival game, you are going to be faced with loads of small challenges and puzzles. In fact, as you start the game you will have to escape a room. To do so make sure you look everywhere for clues and items that will help you in your quest. 

Look through books and cupboards. Move cabinets and search in dark corners. Every challenge should have a hidden clue to help you complete it. Even the writing on the walls could be the clue you are looking for. 



Running is the last option Hints

You will often be presented with the chance to obstruct a zombie. For example, the first zombie you see is knocking on a glass window. Eventually, it will break the glass and you will be given the opportunity to run or block the hole with a cabinet. 

If you choose to run there's a good chance that you will be on the run for a while. Placing a cabinet in front of the hole might give you more time to find a form or defense. So when you can always look at giving yourself more to prepare to take on a zombie. 

Running is the best thing to do if you have no form of defense or way to block the zombies. When you are running try to find a room or a door that you can close to help you get away from the zombies.



Using the Diary Hints

The diary is a great source of clues throughout the game. Refer to the diary as often as you can and pay attention to detail. Often the diary will lead you to areas with great loot and give you the insight to help you overcome the challenges ahead. 

As you travel through the compound you will find more information that adds to the diary. The more you find the more sense the diary starts to make.



How to Solve the Piano Puzzle Guides

Ebola 2 has some tricky puzzles to solve. One of these is the piano puzzle. To solve the piano puzzle you need to go to the 2nd floor where you found the radio. Turn the light on the radio on and you will see a four-digit code appear. Quickly memorize those digits and then head over to the piano. 

To type, the code you need to press the respective piano keys together at the same time to equal the number. Pressing one piano key equals zero. When you press the piano key the display will light up notifying you whether or not you have put in the correct code. If the code is correct you would have solved the puzzle.



Where to Find the Gun Guides

Once you start exploring you will need to find the gun. The way out of the initial floor you start on is by finding the hammer and knocking down the wood over the door in the passage. The door opens to a flight of stairs. Go down the stairs and explore the floor below you. 

There you will find keys. The keys are actually for the door to the command room on the first floor you were on. Go back to this room and unlock the door. The gun will be on your left on the counter.



How to get out of the first room. Guides

At the start of the game, you wake up in an old operating theatre. You are locked in and need to figure out how to escape.  To exit the room you will need to enter a code into the doors. Walk around the room looking for clues.

In the top right-hand corner of the room, you will find a cupboard with a, not into it. To clearly see what is on the note you will need to get the pencil which is in a cupboard near the door on the same side.

The are some other items that might help you in the area such as a pint of blood and a diary with information that might be beneficial later in the game. To figure out the code check the numbers on the clock and pressure gauge and back wall. The unlock code is 1737 and the doors will open.


Here is a video walkthrough of how to get through the first room.


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