Dread Templar Hints on PC

Last Updated: March 1, 2023

Here are our Hints for Dread Templar on PC. The most trustworthy items get the most 'thumbs up' from our users and appear nearer the top!

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Super Secret


As you approach the second crypt's door, you'll see a grave headstone with the words "R.I.P." Stand in front of it until the message that is displayed on the screen reads, "A secret door somewhere is now open."

Return to the gallows tree in the center and look for a passage you can use to crawl through to enter, on the left, to find the previously hidden area behind. (A blood gem and an early double-barrel shotgun) Make sure the achievement gets unlocked the moment Templar states that he found a super secret! 

The Prison super secret Part 1

The first step is destroying the three emblems hidden in the pool beneath the three-way bridge near the start. The first one is located at the foot of the central pillar, while the second and the third are found in the tunnels left and right. An on-screen message appears once all of them are destroyed: 'An ineffective rune has been reactivated'. After that, return to the pit and look for the glowing symbol opposite the Double-Barrel Shotgun pedestal. Use the symbol to get teleported to an otherwise unreachable area where the goodies are lying in wait.

Back below the surface secrets


SUPER SECRET - Return to the area that comes after the spider-infested cavern (secret #3) and use the bloodstained wall at the dead end to reveal another way that leads outside. Jump-dash onto the beam and continue towards the candles on the corner. Turn the corner, use the switch, return to the central cavern and make your way to the bloodstained wall near secret #9, which should be open at this point, thanks to that last switch. Get in there and grab the goodies.

Note that the secret door closes after a certain while (as *subtly* implied by Templar himself), so you need to hurry back there to access the hidden room. (Explosion Trap -G- and a Blood Gem)

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