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Last Updated: November 19, 2022

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  • First Released: Oct 13, 2021

Cheat Engine Cheats

Despots Game doesn’t have built-in cheat codes, but you can make use of a trainer to use cheats. We suggest you use a trainer like Plitch or Wemod. Both trainers offer a good selection of cheats and are easy to use. 

Plitch has 5 cheat codes for Despot Game. There are 3 free cheat codes and two premium codes. The cheats you are:

Free Cheats

  • Prepare
  • Extra Food
  • Infinite Mana

The Premium Cheats

  • Bonus 1000 tokens ( after the fight)
  • Godemode

To use Plitch trainer, you need to make sure it is first installed on your device. Through Plitch trainer, search for Despot Game and enter it. Once you are in the game, you just need to activate the cheats through Plitch when you need them.


Last Generation Easter Egg Easter Eggs

Depots Game is filled with small easter eggs from tv shows and movies from the Last Generation. These easter eggs are easily missed, so it's best to pay attention. An easter egg that is easy to spot is that one of the monsters uses the same headset that cyclops wears in X-men. He also has the same powers.


Food Shops Hints

You will often find food shops in different rooms. Just because you have found the food shop does not mean you need to get food from it immediately. The food shops don’t move, they stay in the room you found them in.

Mark their location and go back to it when you need to feed your troops. If you buy food every time you pass a store, you will run out of tokens very fast. Your troops can last a while without food so wait until they really need to eat to feed them.


Teleportation Room Hints

The teleportation room makes traveling from room to room much easier. It also helps you save energy. If you have a large army and have to walk everywhere, you will be needing to feed them often. 

But if you use the teleporter, they won’t get hungry as fast. You can also use the teleport room to teleport into rooms that you have not yet discovered. Go into your teleportation menu and click on the locked room, and you will teleport into it. 


Class Abilities Hints

As you build your army, you will need a certain amount of characters in certain classes to activate certain abilities. Get to know what the requirements are of the abilities so that you can strategically build your army to be unstoppable.


Don't Overnvest in Low Level Troops Hints

It's easy to make the mistake of wanting to have the biggest army as you start the game. But purchasing too many low-level troops will cause you some problems further into the game. Firstly, if you have purchased a lot of low-level troops, you will not be able to afford to upgrade your mutations later on.

Low-level troops also die easier as they face the stronger monster. If you haven't got enough tokens to upgrade them, you will struggle to progress. You also have to maintain a larger army which costs more when buying food. Rather prioritize building your army in a way that helps you upgrade your troops.


Let them Starve Hints

That doesn’t sound great but letting your troops starve is actually a great key to having a good run. You don’t have to panic if your life is not in the green, but also, don’t let it drop to just before you die. 

If you wait to feed your troops, you will have more time and tokens to spend on upgrading your troops. Always keep in mind that you need to keep some tokens to feed your troops when you need to.

Here’s a quick video describing the some tips.


Rotate your Squad Hints

It's bittersweet when you lose a soldier in Despot Game. This is because when they die, they often lose the experience they have gained and have to start all over with a new troop. You can avoid this by shuffling your troops often.

When you go into battle, keep an eye on the health of your frontline. When you see they are taking excessive damage, switch them with your next row. This should give the healers some time to heal them before you need to switch again. 

As you continue to switch you are prolonging the life of your army and increasing your soldier's experience. You can also switch your tanks to the front to give your soldiers more time to heal. The tank can handle more damage but will need to be moved back eventually.


How to create a good Formation Guides

Despot Game has hectic consequences if you lose your army. You basically have to start at the beginning again. That's why having a good formation is vital to help your army succeed. We suggest you order your soldiers in a way that those who can take damage are in front and those who can are behind and shielded. 

For example, it would be best to put humans that have shields in the front to take the damage. Then place your melee humans followed by your archers or any character that can attack from far. This gives you a nice balance to help your team survive heavy assaults longer.


How to use Mutations Guides

Mutations are great when it comes to a tough battle. Keep an eye on what mutations are available, as they might save you. Learn what your mutations are as well so that you know when the best time to use them is. 

To use mutations, you have to select a soldier and go into the mutation list and see what's available. You could increase your soldier's attack speed or damage using the right mutation. Another great mutation to use in tough situations is the health multiplier. 

The health multiplier gives your soldiers an extra 50% in health. Yes, that's right, all of your soldiers get the increase when you use this mutation. Using mutations will drastically increase your chances of survival and help you avoid starting from scratch again.


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