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Last Updated: November 19, 2022

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  • First Released: Dec 1, 2021

Use each Dragon Hints

In Century: Age of Ashes, you get to play a few characters and fly some great dragons. To get the best feel for the game, we suggest you practice using every dragon. Dragons have specific riders assigned to them as well.

You will find that certain dragons are more aggressive, and others are a bit passive. This goes for their riders as well. For example, if you are using a rider who throws a spear, your dragon will probably be the slower-moving dragon. But the Horned Beserk dragon is more aggressive.

The more you practice with different riders and dragons, the sooner you will be able to choose which pair you prefer to fly with. We encourage you to give them all a try.

This video breaks down the dragons in Century: Age of Ashes


Using Speed Boosts Hints

Speed boosts are incredibly helpful in Century: Ages of Ashes. Learning how to use them and when to use them is very important. You can boost your dragon's speed while flying by using the boost button.

Your dragon will momentarily move faster but will tire out shortly after. You can refill your dragon's stamina by flying to certain areas near the ground or flying through an updraft. There are also special items that you can find that will temporarily give you unlimited boosts. 


Try different game modes Hints

In Century: Ages of Ashes, there are a great number of game modes you can play. This creates great versatility in the game. Try to play different game modes to get the most out of each mode. You can play skirmishes, initiation matches, and object-based modes. 

The game modes get moved around every day to ensure you get experience playing in every mode. You have basic modes like deathmatch and skirmishes. The objective game modes like Gates of Fire and Spoils of War are more like capturing the area or flag. 


Complete Challenges Hints

One way to get eggs and hatch new dragons is to complete challenges. It's always exciting to receive a new dragon. It might not be super different from other dragons in power, but you never know how your dragon is going to look before it hatches.

Dragon eggs don’t always hatch instantly, though. There are a number of in-game challenges you have to complete first. With each challenge you complete, you will find that your egg hatches a little more. So keep at it with those challenges if you are wanting a new dragon.


Start with Initiation Matches Hints

As soon as you jump into your first deathmatch or any other game mode, you will quickly find that the players you are up against are pretty good. They are also a few levels above you, making the competition a little difficult to compete with.

To bridge the gap, you can play in the initiation matches. These matches allow you to play in them until you reach level five. This gives you time to get more familiar with the gameplay and controls, as well as level up your rider and dragon.


Tips to Escape Hints

If you are being pursued by another dragon, you might find it difficult to get away before they take you down. However, there are things you can do to get away from them really fast. The first method you can use is to fly sporadically in different directions. 

This confuses your pursuer and makes sure that they don’t get a clear target on you. Fly in tight areas as well and make use of shifts to change direction. This will make chasing you very difficult for your pursuer, and you might find they will eventually give up.


Use different Spells Hints

As a dragon rider, you have a number of spells that are effective against other riders. You will notice that most riders' default spell is the fireball. While this spell is effective, it does have a cool-down period where you will need to use another spell.

Learn what spells you can use and what situations they work best in. For example, the Frostbolt spell is a great spell to use in close combat situations, as it can easily pierce through armor. There are other spells that are equally powerful. Learn how and when to use them.


How to get Eggs Guides

You can get more dragon eggs in a few ways in Century: Ages of Ashes. You can get dragon eggs by using the Battle Pass from weekly chests and for passing player levels. Alternatively, you can buy eggs with gems. Once you have gotten an egg, you will then need to hatch the egg. 

Here’s a short video showing you how to get eggs.


How to Hatch a Dragon Egg Guides

To hatch a dragon egg, you will need to know how much XP you need for the egg to hatch. You can find this in the menu under hatching. When you have enough XP, you can choose to hatch the dragon egg. When the egg hatches, you will have a small dragon which will be tagged and placed into a class.

Here’s a video showing you how to hatch a dragon egg in Century:Age of Ashes.


How to use Customization Guides

In Century: Ages of Ashes, you can customize your Dragons Armour, your Riders Armour, and profile items. To be able to customize equipment or items, you can either buy them from the shop, buy a dragon pass, or through events or promotions. 

Dragon armor is created and applied to your dragon piece by piece. For dragons, the armor you can get is for their cranium, saddle, chest, and tail. Most dragons can wear armor except for Legendary Dragons. 

This is because Legendary Dragons don’t have the same body type as your standard dragons. Dragon armor might look different, but it is all designed to fit the same body type. The next set of armor you can customize is the rider's armor.

The rider's armor covers their head, cape, torso, legs, shield, and weapons. Finally, we have the profile items, which are things like backgrounds, titles, and banners. 


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