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Last Updated: March 28, 2023

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New  to  AC  Odyssey.  Have  followed  story  line,  used  Icaros  to  locate  Marcos  in  the  Vineyard  but  when  I  approach  Marcos  there  is  no  cutscene.  Marcos  just  ignores  me.  The  game  seems  great  and  I  am  totally  frustrated  not  being  able  to  move  forward.  I  am  playing  on  XBOX  series  X.  Anybody  have  similar  situation?  I  will  greatly  appreciate  any  help  I  can  get.
Luis, 1 year ago Reply
how  do  i  cheat  unlimited  xp  
cole, 4 years ago Reply
We also have a page for this game on....