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Last Updated: September 11, 2022
  • First Released: Sep 16, 2021

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All the Unlockables in TOEM


If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that TOEM has many different unlockable features and challenges to keep the player interacting with the characters and surroundings as much as possible. The following unlockables are in consecutive order.

  • The Beginning - start your adventure.
  • Home Sweet Home - photograph Nana’s house
  • The Calm Forest - go to Oaklaville
  • A Majestic Hotel - take a photograph of the Oakhotel from the vantage point.
  • Nature’s Showstopper - finish the photo challenges in Oaklaville
  • Strong As An Oak - finish all the quests in Oaklaville
  • Set Sail for Good Weather - go and see Stanhamn
  • Calm as the sea - finish the photo challenges in Stanhamn
  • Seaworthy - finish all the quests in Stanhamn
  • The Big City - go to Logicity
  • City Professional - finish all the photo challenges in LogiCity
  • Business Executed - finish all the quests in LogiCity
  • Snowy Peaks - go and see Kiiruberg 
  • Ice Fighter - finish all the quests in Kiiruberg
  • The Biggest Hurdle - finish all the photo challenges in Kiiruberg
  • 100 followers - take a close-up photograph of an influencer
  • A great story - take a close-up of the mountain explorer
  • A new Job - take a close-up photograph of someone who is stressed
  • A sparkling Jump - take a close-up picture of a dancer
  • A true Completionist - complete all of the guests in the game
  • A voyage underwater - take a photograph of the smiling huntsman
  • All geared up - defeat the winds with your style!
  • Calmed down - take a close-up of the skeleton
  • Collect them all - take photographs of everything in the compendium
  • Cosplayer - every item needs to be equipped once
  • Employee of the month - be the best non-employed employee
  • Experience Toem - take a photograph of the TOEM phenomenon
  • Flight Ready - take a close-up of the special seagull
  • Going long - walk a thousand miles
  • Happy Youth - take a close-up of an old man
  • Just a Sock - take a close-up photo of the sockman
  • Look at those Cuties - photograph the animals of all of the development teams
  • Slow and Steady - What an amazing race!
  • The Grand Clock Tower - take a photo of the grand clocker’s special event
  • Who’s a Good Boy - pet a dog
  • You Found Us - You’re really good with that camera!

Your Best Guide to the World of TOEM


The following are challenges to be achieved by the player in each separate area where they will receive: 

  • A community card (after completing different tasks in each world, the player will receive a stamp on their community card)
  • Photography Challenges 
  • Animals (The player will take photos of all of the adorable animals in the world)

Let’s look at what the player needs to achieve at each destination

This is the player’s first destination, and after the player speaks to Nana and gathers all of their things, there are a few things you have to do.

  • Community Card
    • Take a picture of Nana.
    • Take a picture of Nana’s home (HomeSweetHome achievement)
    • Find the hidden gifts (clogs behind Nana’s home - Going Long Achievement) 

(The clogs are no longer used to complete the Going Long Achievement, but it’s still a great nod to the original version of the game if the player feels sentimental)

  • Animals 
    • Cow
    • Tato 
    • Flies
    • Homebird 

Once the player has two of the three stamps on the community card, they are able to catch the bus to the world…Oaklaville. Only two of the three stamps are available at this point because the third will be received at the end of the game with the “Experience TOEM” achievement.

Next part of the game, the player will head over to Oaklaville. As soon as the player arrives, the first thing they should do is head to the check-in desk at the information kiosk, where they’ll let you know that you need seven stamps to move on to the next bus stop. 

  • Community Card
    • Be the paparazzi 
    • Be a flower 
    • Suspicious Activity - Forest
    • Monster Spotting - Bushy 
    • Photo Challenge 1 
    • Photo Challenge 2 
    • Missing Socks
    • Be a scout
    • Hide and Seek 
    • Log Blocks a Path
    • Capture the Hotel’s Beauty
    • Hotel Chef 
    • Ghost Helper
    • A Courageous Stallion
    • Cup Champion 
  • Animals
    • Ant 
    • Beehive 
    • Butterfly
    • Oskar
    • Sero 
    • Forest Bird
    • Ladybug
    • Tom
    • Nestworm
    • Pet rock
    • Snail (on the right of the screen by the red flag) 
    • Squirrel
    • Tato Bug
    • Tato Fly 

The paradise of TOEM, filled with sandy beaches and waves for days, is where you will unlock Set Sail for Good Weather achievement. Head to the employee at the information kiosk again, and the player will learn they need seven stamps to progress to the next area.

  • Community Card
    • Make someone bath
    • Suspicious Activity - Harbour
    • Photo Challenge 3
    • Photo Challenge 4
    • The King of the Fishes
    • A Good Spot with no sun
    • Queen of Paper Hats
    • A Lost Dog
    • Power Shortage
    • Solve the Chaos
    • Ocean Garbage
    • A Whistling Dilemma 
    • A Layered Melody
    • Supreme Deluxe Sandwich
    • Scorching Flame
  • Animals
    • Bubble Fly
    • Fia
    • Fras
    • Willemijn
    • Crab
    • Dragonfly 
    • Happy Carp
    • Jellyfish
    • King Fish
    • Seagull
    • Seahorse
    • Sunday Swan
    • Tato Scuba
    • Tato Swim
    • Toad

It’s the place to experience busy city life, and generally speaking, it’s quite easy to get lost in the city, so the player should keep on track. Arriving in Logicity unlocks The Big City achievement. 

  • Community Card
    • Hang in there, Buddy 
    • Suspicious Activity - City
    • Photo Challenge 5 
    • Photo Challenge 6
    • Cleaning Away the Stress
    • Ratskullz Crew
    • Punk Rocker Bread Crumbs
    • Pressing News
    • Sewer Stumble
    • Super Hotbean Bros
    • Art Exhibition
    • Young and Inspiring 
    • A Design Problem
    • Always Tumbled Granny
    • A Thieving Crow
    • A Mouse Bakery
    • Spooky Scary City
    • A Ghostly Date
  • Animals
    • Business Pigeon
    • Portillo
    • Mouse
    • Pigeon 
    • Punky Parrot
    • Tato Skateboard 
    • Tato Tourist
    • Turtle

The player hits the chill factor in this world and unlocks the Snowy Peaks' achievement. 

  • Community Card
    • Play Astronaut
    • Be a Yeti
    • Suspicious Activity - Military 
    • Photo Challenge 7
    • Photo Challenge 8
    • Yeti Cuteness
    • Ice Wizard’s Research
    • Locating an Asteroid
    • Listen to the Goat Choir
    • Snowball Memories
    • Ancient Painting
    • Birthday in Distress
    • Build a Snowman
  • Animals
    • Mikee
    • Nariko
    • Cosmo Deer
    • Teddy
    • Fluff Ball
    • Hedgehog
    • Meteopal
    • Mountain Goat
    • Owl
    • Snow Bird
    • Tato Alien
    • Tato Ski
The player may get stuck on a few challenges which this complete walk-through and achievement guide will come in handy with.

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