Some Peace Of Mind Hints on iOS

Last Updated: November 8, 2022

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Look Everywhere Hints

Like many mystery games, Some Piece of Mind aims to trick you and make clues difficult to find. That's why you need to look everywhere. At first, your goal is to find out what woke you up and add clues together to find the password for your computer. You can look in cupboards and open drawers. 

But go a step further and open items such as bags and books, and look at what is written on pieces of paper. The more you look at it, the higher the chances are of you finding the clues you need.


Take you Time Hints

When you have to pay attention to detail, rushing from room to room will cause you to miss something important. Take your time in rooms and look through everything. Pay attention to the small details on items, so you don’t miss anything.



Remember Rooms Hints

The clues you find are not necessarily in chronological order. You will need to remember where the clues are to help you piece together your computer's password. Try either take notes of where you found clues or make an effort to remember them.


Look for Items Hints

To discover more clues, there are some obstacles you will need to face. For example, your brother has tied your drawer to the closet and then tied a chain around the drawer below. This makes it impossible to open. 

To open the draw, you will have to find a key for it. The key will be hidden well, so keep your eye open for it. You will also need the key to unlock your guitar case. 

There will also be times when the room is very dark. Here you will have to use the flashlight. So when you get started, try to find these items as they will help you along as you find the clues.

Here's a walkthrough of the game to help you.


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