Fortnite Vibin’ Quests Part 9 – Walkthrough Notes and Video

Last Updated: October 17, 2022

A full walkthrough of the Vibin’ Part 9 quests in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. Checkout the video below for the full questline from start to finish or skim ahead to just read a transcript of the audio.

Our full walkthrough from establishing the first device uplink to listening to the recording of the scientists disappearance.

Stage 1 of 5 – Establish Device Uplink (7k XP)

I need your help now….

Stage 2 of 5 – Visit Synapse Station (7k XP)

THE PARADIGM: Amie, help them find The Scientist’s notes.
AMIE: (raucous sobbing) I WISH IT HAD BEEN YOU!!!!
THE PARADIGM: Notes! Get his notes!

Stage 3 of 5 – Collect notes x3 (7k XP)

There are 3x notes to collect

THE PARADIGM: Those Zero Point energy shockwaves were flares! A galactic distress signal! If we don’t help…. It’ll lgo dormant.

Stage 4 of 5 – Interact with the terminal (7k XP)

Interact with the terminal

THE PARADIGM: Here goes nothin’.

Stage 5 of 5 – Interact with The Scientist’s audio log (7k XP)

Interact with the scientists audio log

THE SCIENTIST: Paradigm. If you’re listening to this…. It means I’m gone. I don’t know where they took me and I don’t know if I’ll be back. I promised we’d never leave you alone again. And I promised freeing the Zero point would be safe.

Everything’s my fault. So whatever happens to me, I deserve it. I programmed Amie to take care of you and whoever’s left. I hope there are people left.

I’m sorry it ended like this. I’ve always– (radio static).

Stage 1 of 2 – Establish Device Uplink (7k XP)

Second device uplink location

AMIE: Sorry. I turned off my external sensors to format my new solid state drive, and now I can’t find The Paradigm. Which is bad. Do you want to hear 8,000 different words for “bad?” I’ve got them all…. On my NEW solid state drive!

Sorry. I’m focused. Let’s find The Paradigm!

Stage 2 of 2 – Interact with the Recording of the Paradigm’s disappearance (36k XP)

Interact with the recording of the Paradigm's disappearance

AMIE: You’re telling me I only have YOU left?! That’s awful. Terrible. Harrifying. I could go on for so long!

No. No! Wait. I can process this disappointment SO efficiently now…. (a beat). Okay, I’m over it! Vendetta buddies?