Twitch will ban you for non-gaming PS4 streaming content

Last Updated: November 26, 2013


Here’s a word of warning to those of you thinking about using the Twitch streaming capabilities of your new Playstation 4 for something other than gaming – don’t do it!

Several people have already been banned from the video service that is deeply integrated into the PS4’s sharing functionality – including one guy who got his wife naked live in his stream. To clear up any confusion, Twitch decided to take to Twitter to inform official put everyone on notice that they are monitoring what’s being streamed and will ban you if non-gaming content is shown.

Why people suddenly feel the need to do stupid things via PS4/Twitch streaming when this sort of functionality has long been available on the internet (got a webcam?) is beyond us. What it does do though, is increase the risk of Twitch taking more drastic measures to ensure the integrity of its service. We’re pretty sure that Sony won’t like people using the PS4 to stream nudity and other controversial content either – it’s a gaming device!