Cheaper Xbox One Coming in 2014?

Yesterday’s Xbox One rumors included mention of a new Xbox One model that would lack a disc drive. A senior publishing source has told VG247 that a new model of this system is being developed, and that this new model will be released in 2014. The source could not say whether or not it will […]

White Xbox One likely available to public in the future

Hopefully you saw our post regarding the White Special Edition Xbox One that all members of the MS Interactive Entertainment Business unit will receive once the console finally launches in November. That story also got posted to Reddit where Larry Hyrb (aka Major Nelson) has an active, verified account. Responding to a fan question as […]

White Xbox One for Xbox employees

If you happened to be part of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business on July 12 this year and are still employed when the Xbox One launches (the exact date of which in November we are still waiting for, by the way), then according to the interwebz you’ll receive the white special edition Xbox One pictured above. […]