Playstation UI walkthrough video

Last Updated: November 15, 2013


If you’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of your PS4 today, or planning on trying to walk in and grab one off the shelf, then we suggest taking a look at this video walk-through of the Playstation 4 UI first.

It’s easily the most comprehensive and high quality footage we’ve seen to date and shows off all the functions you should know about – friends lists, the Playstation Store, and how to use the DVR (digital video recorder), Twitch, Facebook and other apps.

We think that the new Playstation UI looks extremely easy to use and very well-layed out (KISS – keep it simple, stupid!), and looks to be a major improvement on the current offering from the PS3. As with all things though, we won’t be able to say for sure until’s own PS4 unit arrives – hopefully soon!