DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT Schummeln auf Xbox One (X1)

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Memorial Spots


Several classic Dragon Ball moments can be relived by finding the collectible memorial spots that show you recaps from the original Dragon Ball. You can buy information about the memorial spot locations from Baba, but if you need help finding any (or if you want help finding Baba), the video below shows them all.

Unlock All Soul Emblems


Soul Emblems can be added to the Community Board for special bonuses. Many are unlocked as you complete quests, but others are available through meeting certain criteria. If you miss a Soul Emblem, using the time machine once it’s available will allow you to revisit past events. Here’s how to unlock every Soul Emblem in the game:

  • Goku – Automatically unlocked at the beginning of the game.
  • Gohan – Complete the Community Board tutorial.
  • Chi-Chi – Complete the first story mission.
  • Master Roshi – Complete the Master Roshi’s Prized Possession side quest.
  • Nam – Complete the Nam the Peddler side quest.
  • Android 8 – Complete the Gentle Giant side quest.
  • King Yemma – Defeat Raditz.
  • Kami – Defeat Raditz.
  • Yajirobe – Unlocked by Kid Gohan.
  • Tien – Defeat Tien using Piccolo.
  • Chiaotzu – Complete the Telekinesis Training side quest.
  • Yamcha – Defeat Yamcha using Piccolo.
  • Krillin – Defeat Krillin using Piccolo.
  • Piccolo – Defeat Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha.
  • King Kai – Make King Kai laugh.
  • Puar – Go home with Gohan.
  • Mr. Popo – Reach the end of Snake Road.
  • Pilaf – Complete the Pilaf Gang’s Plan side quest.
  • Shu – Complete the Pilaf Gang’s Plan side quest.
  • Mai – Complete the Pilaf Gang’s Plan side quest.
  • Launch – Return to Master Roshi after finding Launch.
  • Saibaman – Complete the Mysterious Power Reading side quest.
  • Mercenary Tao – Complete the Familiar Face side quest.
  • Master Shen – Complete the Familiar Face side quest.
  • Turtle – Complete the Tough Break for Turtle side quest.
  • Bulma – Find the materials for Bulma’s spaceship.
  • Vegeta – Defeat Cui using Vegeta.
  • Guru – Meet Guru.
  • Nail – Fuse with Nail.
  • Oolong – Complete the Mystery of the Missing Tail side quest.
  • Trunks – Defeat Trunks using Goku.
  • Bubbles – Complete the Bummed About Bananas side quest.
  • Doctor Briefs – Complete the Easy-Going Genius side quest.
  • Korin – Play the Android Saga.
  • Baba – Complete the Between Worlds side quest.
  • Android 16 – Play the Android Saga.
  • Dende – Play the Cell Saga.
  • Shenron – Help Dende improve the Dragon Balls.
  • Ox King – Complete the An Awkward Pair side quest.
  • Marron – Complete the Daddy’s Little Girl side quest.
  • Android 18 – Complete the Anxious Android 18 side quest.
  • Videl – Play the Majin Buu Saga.
  • World Tournament Announcer – Complete the Good Ol’ Days side quest.
  • Supreme Kai – Complete the Far Beyond Frieza side quest.
  • Kibito – Complete the Far Beyond Frieza side quest.
  • Goten – Play the Majin Buu Saga.
  • Trunks (Kid) – Play the Majin Buu Saga.
  • Captain Ginyu – Complete the Captain’s Comeback side quest.
  • Mr. Satan – Complete the A Father’s Dignity side quest.
  • Puppy – Complete the Buu the Bottomless Pit side quest.
  • Majin Buu – Complete the Buu the Bottomless Pit side quest.
  • Suno – Complete the Reunion with Suno side quest.
  • Bora – Complete the Good Ol’ Goku! side quest.
  • Upa – Complete the Good Ol’ Goku! side quest.
  • Elder Kai – Complete the Fulfilling a Promise side quest.
  • Arale-chan – Complete the Here It Comes! side quest.
  • Gatchan – Complete the Here It Comes! side quest.
  • Senbei – Complete the Here It Comes! side quest.
  • Porunga – Complete the Porunga Part 2 side quest.
  • Android 17 – Complete the Lone Guardian side quest.
  • Bonyu – Complete Bonyu’s Special Training.
  • Cell – Complete the Perfecting Perfection side quest.
  • Frieza – Complete the Return of the Emperor side quest.
  • Dabura – Complete the King of the Demon Realm? side quest.
  • Nappa – Complete the Saiyan Power side quest.
  • Raditz – Complete the Pride of the Warrior Race side quest.
  • Recoome – Complete the Ginyu Force Tryouts side quest.
  • Burter – Complete the Ginyu Force Tryouts side quest.
  • Jeice – Complete the Ginyu Force Tryouts side quest.
  • Guldo – Complete the Ginyu Force Tryouts side quest.
  • Appule – Complete the Filling the Power Vacuum side quest.
  • Zarbon – Complete the Power is Beauty! side quest.
  • Dodoria – Complete the Power Is Justice! side quest.
  • Cui – Complete the No Dirty Fireworks for Me! side quest.
  • Cell Jr – Complete the Little Nightmares side quest.
  • King Cold – Complete the Most Feared of Families side quest.
  • Babidi – Complete the Babidi’s Back side quest.
  • Yamu – Complete the Babidi’s Back side quest.
  • Spopovich – Complete the Babidi’s Back side quest.
  • Pui Pui – Complete the Change of Heart side quest.
  • Yakon – Complete the Change of Heart side quest.
  • Android 20 – Complete the Shadows of the Red Ribbon Army side quest.
  • Android 19 – Complete the Shadows of the Red Ribbon Army side quest.

Secret Bonus Boss (Mira and Towa)


By defeating all of the Villainous Enemies (the enemies marked in red), you will unlock a secret bonus boss battle against Mira and Towa, the main antagonists from the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series.

Time Machine


In a free update added after the game’s release, a time machine is now available in the post-game. Go to West City, outside of the Capsule Corporation. Bulma and Future Trunks will be standing by the time machine. If you don’t have the update yet, Dr. Brief will be by the time machine after you talk to them and will say it isn’t ready yet. However, once you have the update, he’ll say you can use the time machine. Pick your chapter (saga) and then pick an episode to travel back to that part of the game to redo story quests, side quests, etc.

Basic Tips


As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to get special rewards for your progress through the Z Encyclopedia.

Pay attention the Community Board. The buffs and bonuses given here can help a lot, especially as you combine different Soul Emblems, so it’s worth putting in the time to understand and use the Community Board system.

Collect all the Z Orbs you see. Six different types are available and they’re important to unlock new attacks and skills, so make sure you pick up any orbs in your area.

Once you have some Z Orbs, you can open up a character’s Super Attack skill tree to unlock and upgrade skills and stats.

You can buy maps that will display the locations of Fishing Spots, Hunting Spots, Fruit Tree Locations, and Mineral Deposit Locations on your map.

Vendors in town also sell items. Make sure you’re well-stocked on health items before you head into combat.

Some NPCs will also give you items just for talking to them. Talk to every character you see.

Eating gives you stackable buffs, which can be quite helpful. In addition to cooking meals, you can also eat at campfires. Use these buffs to your advantage and stack them to increase their effects.

Your Ki gauge is necessary to perform Super Attacks. Keep an eye on it and try to conserve enough to use these attacks. You can restore your Ki gauge out of combat.

Smashing into a low-level enemy while running at your maximum speed will instantly defeat the enemy and give you your combat rewards, allowing you to skip the tedium of fighting them. This only works with enemies that are at a lower level than you.

Study boss patterns and time your Super Attacks accordingly. After a boss uses an attack or expends Ki, you have an opening to use a Super Attack. Some Super Attacks can interrupt combos, as well. Pay attention to the enemy’s moves and strategically use your attacks for the maximum damage.

Flying into mountains at your maximum speed will destroy them, often rewarding you with access to caves and resources.

Complete side quests right away. Not only will they give you good rewards that can help you out, but some side quests are only available in a specific time frame. Progressing too far will lock you out of these quests.

Use the time machine (added during an update) to travel back in time and complete events you missed during the game.

The best gift to give is the Ultimate Awakening Water, which increases friendship by 20 and all attributes by 8.

Re-fighting bosses special dialogue


If you use the Dragon Balls to revive bosses and fight them again, they have new dialogue referencing their confusion about being back and what’s going on.

Dragon Ball references


There are numerous references and nods to the Dragon Ball franchise beyond the events actually covered in the game itself.

  • Several characters from Dragon Ball who don’t play a role in the Dragon Ball Z story appear in supporting roles.
  • When Goku and Gohan go fishing with their tails, this is a reference to the very start of Dragon Ball, where Goku fishes that way.
  • Numerous NPCs reference someone named Mark, without any explanation given for who Mark is. This is a reference to Mr. Satan, as Akira Toriyama said in interviews that Mr. Satan’s real name is Mark.
  • Android 21 appears undercover, with her name not revealed for fans who don’t know who she is.
  • Vegeta appears in the intermission wearing his Badman shirt.
  • Similarly, the driving section of the game is a nod to an episode that focus on driving.

The Simpsons reference


When Krillin puts on his armor and says “Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all,” this is a reference to Flanders from the Simpsons episode Little Big Mom.

Professor Oak


There is a Capsule Corporation employee who bears an uncanny resemblance to Professor Oak from the Pokemon series.

Dr. Slump characters


Arale and Gatchan, the characters involved in the time machine quest, are actually characters from Akira Toriyama’s older series, Dr. Slump. After Dr. Slump ended, Toriyama eventually tied them into Dragon Ball Z as a crossover.

Dragon Ball Locations


While the Dragon Balls are used as part of the story, the player can also collect them later in the game, after the Frieza Saga. Your map will display a small Dragon Ball icon if you’re close to one of them. If you’re having trouble finding all seven Dragon Balls (which will allow you to refight bosses as one-time wishes or get more Z Orbs, Zeni, or rare items as repeatable wishes), use the video guide below for help.

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