Get Packed: Fully Loaded Schummeln auf PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Letzte Aktualisierung: 30. Dezember 2021

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  • Bewertungen: PEGI 7,
  • Erstmals veröffentlicht: Jul 28, 2021

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Speedrun tricks Hinweise

If you are trapped by furniture inside the truck when it pulls away you will disappear with the truck for a short period, wasting valuable time. 

Try to grab the higher valued items like shelves, couches, computers, beds, fridges, electrical appliances etc. 

In the game, you will encounter trampolines and slides that will help you move items faster. You will notice an item in the bottom right corner. This item will have a timer bar and if you load it onto the van before it runs out you will receive a bonus. 

You also have the ability to flat pack items so you can fit more into the moving van. In order to use this ability, a single player must hold an item with both hands and then press the “x” button. The item will be boxed without breaking. You’ll be able to turn a huge TV or fridge into a tiny box and place it onto the truck. 

Sir Sim-Alot goes into detail about how to pack the truck and get the most items inside as quick as possible.


Trophy Guide Trophäen

Suburban Eviction 

  • Complete Stage 1

Hauling Cube 

  • Complete Stage 2

Among thieves

  • Complete Stage 3 

Behind Bars 

  • Complete Stage 4 

Got packed 

  • Complete the game

Well Done 

  • Send yourself away in the van 

You certainly did it 

  • Complete every challenge

Packing bad 

  • Throw a pizza on the top of the van

It’s coming for us!

  • Get knocked out by a flying keg

I do beg your pardon, we are in your garden

  • Knockdown a tree with a car

King Tut the Nut

  • Knock a guard out with a sarcophagus 

Stair Surfing

  • Dive up a flight of stairs

Big Ol’ Mudpie 

  • Destroy a porta-potty with a jackhammer

What’s the matter with you?

  • Hit a character over 10 meters 

I just think they’re neat!

  • Collect every trophy 

Shall not pass

  • Knock out a guard with a cannon ball

You packed what?

  • Pack a parked car 

Time for our daily warm

  • Cause $3000 in damages in one forklift race 

 Pack together 

  • Four players hold one item at the same time


  • Throw the same object between two players 5 times without it hitting the ground


  • Dive over 20 meters 

Packing Heat 

  • Pack 20 objects in the first minute 

Master Packer 

  • Pack a total of 1000 items 


  • Travel over 50 miles

Even Stevens

  • Pack $2000 worth of items and cause $2000 in damages, in the same match 

Back to the station

  • Knock out a police officer and send them away in the van

Cat Burglar  

  • Pack every cat in the game

Need I say more likely?

  • Send off a client object within 5 seconds of it being requested 

Room for improvement 

  • Smash all the windows in a house

You’re mine now

  • Kidnap and pack a pedestrian

I’m spinning around, move outta my way

  • Spin the rotating door with all four players for 30 seconds

Ghoulie grabber 

  • Suck up a total of 25 ghosts

Naa nana nanana na na nanana 

  • Pack the Atlas ball

Reach for the stars

  • Get 3 stars on every level

Bring down the house 

  • Complete every level on destruction mode 

Get wrecked 

  • Get 3 stars on every level in destruction mode 

World class packers 

  • Win 5 competitive games 

 Secret service 

  • Complete Stage 5


  • Complete every level in time attack mode 

 Off the clock

  • Get 3 stars on every level in time attack mode


  • Survive 300 seconds on any level in time attack mode 

And the kitchen sink 

  • Get 3 stars on every level in all game modes

Pack up your troubles  

  • Complete Stage 6 

Welcome to Earth  

  • Knockout the alien in Doswell Debacle



Entry level tips for the game Hinweise

The game is designed to be multiplayer but you can play the game solo. The closer to 4 players you can get the easier the game will be. The chaos is also more exciting as you add more people to the game. If your team is able to work together to throw and catch large items from the higher floors. This will help you to score more impressive points as well as earn better star ratings.   

There are 20 levels, with three per story-driven stage, so there won’t be a lot of overlap. The first few stages are standard homes that need your help, but as you progress you’ll be tasked with packing up huge supermarkets, trendy offices and even haunted houses. Each stage that you encounter has its own fully voiced animation.

In the game you will be able to customize your removal person. Once you have completed more levels and received higher star ratings you will be able to unlock a variety of new characters and outfits for your removal person. 

Whether you play the game solo or with a team in level 1 make sure to watch out for the grinder and the forklifts as they will destroy anything that is in their way including you.  

Be careful when putting things into the truck as they can be broken when you are carrying them or throwing them in the truck. You can still put the broken items into the moving truck and earn some money for them but it will be less.  


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