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Unlock all armor and weapons Freischaltbar

There are several different equipment sets you can unlock, each with four parts: head armor, body armor, leg armor, and a weapon. Some of these are unlocked when you complete a specific mission, while others require you to find a blueprint in the mission in order to unlock it. The one exception is the Shinigami set, in which every piece is unlocked together. Here is how to unlock every piece of equipment.

  • Kitsune Mask – Complete The Still of the Sacred Flame
  • Kitsune Attire – Complete Help the Militia I
  • Kitsune Trousers – Complete Help the Militia II
  • Ancient Blade – Complete Mysterious Assignment
  • Oni Mask – Complete Help the Militia III
  • Oni Chestpiece – Complete Wails in the Night
  • Oni Greaves – Complete Sumire’s Old Master
  • Oni Blade – Complete Akatsuchi Strategic Information
  • Ronin Mask – Find the blueprint in Family II
  • Ronin Vest – Find the blueprint in Akatsuchi’s Archive
  • Ronin Trousers – Find the blueprint in Forgiveness
  • Vagrant Blade – Find the blueprint in Akatsuchi’s Archive
  • Kasai Mask – Find the blueprint in A Simple Mission
  • Kasai Armor – Find the blueprint in A Simple Mission
  • Kasai Leggings – Find the blueprint in Forgiveness
  • Conflagration Blade – Find the blueprint in Family II
  • Tengu Mask – Find the blueprint in Memories
  • Tengu Vest – Find the blueprint in Memories
  • Tengu Trousers – Find the blueprint in A Simple Mission
  • Tengu Blade – Find the blueprint in Protection Seal I
  • Kurotsuba Headband – Find the blueprint in Memories
  • Kurotsuba Armor – Find the blueprint in Memories
  • Kurotsuba Leggings – Find the blueprint in Memories
  • Kurotsuba Blade – Find the blueprint in Looking for Clues
  • Legacy Hood – Find the blueprint in A Simple Mission
  • Legacy Attire – Find the blueprint in Secret of Daikizo Mine
  • Legacy Attire – Find the blueprint in Rescue for Akatasuchi
  • Orochi Sword – Find the blueprint in Approaching the Enemy
  • Shinigami Set – Complete the game

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Developer names Ostereier

In Kakurega Village, you can find stones and markers with names on them. These names are the names of the people who worked on the game.


How to unlock peach dye and white dye Freischaltbar

Dyes can be found throughout the game. However, the white dye and peach dye must be unlocked. To unlock white dye, you’ll need to find every collectible in the game. To unlock the peach dye, you’ll need to read every gravestone in Kakurega Vil


All collectible locations Hinweise

There are numerous collectibles to find hidden throughout the game: Golden Statues, Essence Runes, blueprints, and dyes. Golden Statues are purely collectibles, Essence Runes can be equipped for passive effects, blueprints unlock new equipment for you to purchase, and dyes let you change the color of your equipment.

If you’re having trouble finding any of the collectibles, check out the video guide below


Basic Tips Hinweise

Stealth is the name of the game here. Stay in the shadows, take to the rooftops, and otherwise avoid enemies as much as you can.

If you knock out an enemy, you can hide the body in the water to prevent guards from seeing it, and this won’t count as a kill.

Alternately, if an enemy notices a body and starts toward it, you can still avoid detection if you take them out before they reach it.

Avoid direct combat as much as you can. Although you have numerous skills available to you, enemies can still be deadly and easily overwhelm you, especially if you’re outnumbered.

Learn how different enemies fight. Whenever possible, take out the biggest threats first.

Whisper draws enemies close to you, which can not only provide you with a chance to attack, but can also let you slip past enemies undetected since it pulls them out of their usual patrols.

Pay close attention to the environment to plan out paths you can take, features you can use to your advantage, and enemy patrol routes.

If you double jump shortly before you land, you can avoid any fall damage that the jump would otherwise have caused.

Always keep a lookout for collectibles, as they can provide benefits to you later.


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