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Hier sind unsere Schummeln für Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II auf Playstation 4. Die vertrauenswürdigsten Artikel erhalten von unseren Benutzern die meisten "Daumen hoch" und erscheinen näher an der Spitze!

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Cheat Codes And How TO Activate Them


As this procedure involves editing a game file, make a backup copy of it first. In the "players" directory of the game folder, edit the "config.cfg" file using a text editor. The file should have the following line added at the end:

seta thereisacow "1337"

Any of the following cheat codes can now be bound to an unused key to further alter the file. For instance, adding the line below will assign the "U" key to the "God mode" cheat:

bind u "god"

After saving the "config.cfg" file, right-click it, choose "Properties," and change it to "Read Only." Start the game, then start a new level by choosing a mission from the menu or by starting a brand-new game. Press the corresponding key to activate the corresponding cheat feature while you are still playing the game. No indication is given that a code has been activated.

Result and Cheat Code

  • Toggle God mode: god
  • Extra ammunition: give ammo
  • Ignored by enemies: notarget
  • No clipping mode: noclip
  • Map selec: devmap [map name]
  • Toggle game speed [Note]: timescale [number]

Note: "0.1" is 10% game speed, and "1" is normal game speed.

Map names

Use one of the following values with the "devmap [map name]" code:

Map and Code:

  • SSDD: trainer
  • Team Player: roadkill
  • Cliffhanger: cliffhanger
  • No Russian: airport
  • Takedown: favela
  • Wolverines: invasion
  • The Hornet's Nest: favela_escape
  • Exodus: arcadia
  • The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday: oilrig
  • The Gulag: gulag
  • Of Their Own Accord: dcburning
  • Contingency: contingency
  • Second Sun: dcemp
  • Whiskey Hote: dc_whitehouse
  • Loose Ends: estate
  • The Enemy Of My Enemy: boneyard
  • Just Like Old Times: af_caves
  • Endgame: af_chase
The Proses of cheating explained explained step by step with youcef djidel.
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