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Poppy playtime - how to cheat Schummeln

Due to the nature of the survival horror genre, many people will try to overcome the difficulty by looking for shortcuts or any possible way to make the game a little easier so that they can get an edge in the story. The way that many will go about doing this is to look for cheats.

You may be asking “Does Poppy Playtime even have cheats?”. The answer is simply, Yes! The cheats are only available through third-party software and trainers but they are there.

One of such trainers is WeMod. There are only 3 options with WeMod But the options give MAJOR advantages to the player such as increasing running speed or jump height or even slowing the game down with a game speed toggle.

Just before downloading any of the trainers you find make sure that you do your research and download from a trusted site.


Owen's Oven Ostereier

Does anyone here enjoy a good meme? If so then there is a special something written for you at the back of Owen The Oven.


RF Production goes through Chapter 2.


Green Hand Glitch Fehler

Want to get your green hand back at the start of chapter 2? Well, look no further. It turns out that if you keep looking into the open case at the start of chapter 2 and spam right-click, you will get your green hand back when it retracts.

AlexJasonGamer gives a tutorial on how to get the green hand.


The Green Tape Leitfäden

When the intro movie ends you are able to control your character, move towards the Welcome desk and pick the green tape up from the desk. Put the tape into the green VCR under the TV on the Right-hand side and watch the tape.

Location of the green tape.


Unlocking The Security Door Leitfäden

When the video is finished, turn around and enter the Gift Shop. Once you’re in the Gift Shop look at the ceiling for a train.

Take note of the colors that you see on the train. Exit the Gift Shop and go back through reception and go into Security. In Security, there is a locked door with a colored keypad. Push the colors in the order that you saw on the train in the Gift Shop.

The solution will be Green, Pink, Yellow, and Red. When you have input the correct colors the door will unlock. Head through the door and into the Security Office.

The location of the color keypad.


The Blue Tape Leitfäden

The blue tape is on the desk in the Security Office, you can place the tape into the blue VCR and watch the tape. The tape will introduce you to using your hands. After watching the tape a container holding the blue hand will open. Interact with the blue hand to pick it up.


Location of the blue tape.


Entering The Lobby Leitfäden

Now that you have the blue hand, head back to the Reception. Jump over the small table by the front desk in order to reach a door with a blue hand symbol above it.

Shoot your blue hand at the symbol to open the door. Go through the door to enter the Factory.

The blue hand


Playtime Lobby Leitfäden

This is where the game really starts being scary. In the lobby you will see a large toy creature, the creature's name is Huggy Wuggy, in the center of the room. Huggy Wuggy is the toy that will chase you throughout the chapter.

There are seven doors in this room, each door leads to a different part of the factory.

In order to go through any of the doors, you have to take the Yellow Power Room Key from Huggy Wuggy’s hand by shooting the blue hand door on the left.

The key will then drop into Huggy Wuggy’s hand, you can then take it with your own. The key opens the door labeled Power. Go through the door and turn The Power Back On.


Picture of Huggy Wuggy


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