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Letzte Aktualisierung: 11. Mai 2023
Pizza Tower
  • KATEGORIE: Hauptspiel
  • Erstmals veröffentlicht: Jan 25, 2023
  • Genres: Platform, Indie
  • Themen: Action, Comedy

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Add Cheats Through a Trainer


Pizza Tower has no official cheats. However, cheats can be added manually using a Pizza Tower trainer, which can be installed on the Cheats Happen or Cheat Evolution page.

Listed below are cheats that can be used through the trainers:

  • Get Score Data
  • Score Edit
  • Get Character Data
  • Invincibility
  • Force Pause
  • Speedhack
  • Restore Position
  • Save Position
  • Unlimited Points

It is advised that you read the reviews before installing the trainer. However, both sites are considered a safe way of providing cheats and making games more entertaining.

Old Tower Secret


This secret room contains a massive stone head on its side and a few goblin creatures. It can be found under the Tower lobby by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Tower lobby.
  2. Go near the portal/doorway on the right of the first level.
  3. Instead of walking into the doorway, you must run, jump and crash into the wall to the right of it at medium height.
  4. Hitting this spot will allow you to dig and travel down a pathway towards the secret room.

Mansion Secret


This luxurious, spacious room contains a lot of portraits of different people and can be found in the Staff Only room. You can get there by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Staff Only room.
  2. Walk to your right and jump up a level.
  3. At the start of the level that you’ve jumped up to, spring yourself up.
  4. You will find a tube at the ceiling that will lead you to the secret room.

Mr. Car


The room is located in The Slum and contains Mr Car, who anxiously sits in the middle of the room. You can find the room by doing the following:

  1. Go to The Slum room.
  2. Make a run to your left.
  3. Crash through the wall to the left of the pizza portal at medium height; you will then break into a tunnel.
  4. Travel through the tunnel towards the secret room.

Jump Scare


If you remain idle on the title screen without making any input and keep Peppino shrouded in darkness for 40 seconds, Peppino will lead out at the screen screaming with a nightmare face and close the game.

Unlockable Clothing Colors


Below is a list of clothing colour options and how they can be unlocked:

  • Blood Red - Kill 1000 enemies in a playthrough
  • Dark Cook (black) - Never get hit by a Boss character
  • Garish Cook (pink) - Taunt enemies 50 times in a playthrough
  • Golden God - S Rank every level in the game
  • Money Green - Maximum money amount by World 2
  • Mooney Orange - Give Mr. Mooney some money
  • Sage Blue - Finish Floor 1 in under an hour. Time spent in the lobby counts towards this time
  • Shitty Cook (brown) - Crouch on a poop spot in the Oh Shit! Level for 10 seconds
  • TV Purple - Get a P Rank in every level (No hits taken)
  • Unfunny Cook (gray) - End a combo with an unfunny combo title

Unlockable Clothing Patterns


Below is a list of clothing pattern options and how they can be unlocked:

  • Bad Bones - Get hurt 50 times
  • Bowling Stripes - Kill 30 bowling rats
  • Funny Polka - End a combo on the Funny title
  • Goldermanne - Clear every Chef Task room
  • Itchy Sweater - Get punched by Grandpa Pepper (unlockable in The Pig City level)
  • John Suit - Resurrect Pillar John in less than 2 hours and 15 minutes
  • Pizza Man - Beat the game
  • PP Shirt - Beat the game twice
  • War Camo - Bear WAR mini-game the first time you play it (can use a separate save file)

How to Defeat the Bosses


  • Hit him while avoiding his charges and falling statues.
  • Chip away at the marble blocks that pop up to make a statue. Pepperman will then stop to admire them, thus making way for you to hit him.
The Vigilante:
  • This boss battle is a gunfight where you must fire at your opponent while avoiding being hit and watching out for explosives.
  • Don’t get caught by the ghost of John E Cheese; he will float down from the top from time to time and harass you. However, you can fire a shot in his direction, and he should be gone for a little while.
  • You will have to face off in a duel at the end. You need to draw before The Vigilante does, and the fight will end.
The Noise:
  • The Noise has all kinds of infuriating comedy props that it calls on and runs on cartoon physics.
  • It will run and bounce around the arena, not allowing you to hit it.
  • You must take advantage of short spaces of time when it is vulnerable (The Noise will start flashing during this time).
Fake Peppino:
  • Your clone will start splitting into multiple copies very quickly; however, they are unstable.
  • You must wait for all the duplicates to dissolve until one is left to hit.
  • Once the Fake Peppino is pushed too far, it will take a monstrous form. You then need to run for your life.
  • You must sprint for the goal and don’t let it catch you.
  • Once the end tunnel is reached, you win.
  • Pizzaface is the final boss.
  • He flies around while spitting enemies at you.
  • You must toss the enemies up at Pizzaface to knock him out of the sky.
  • You must attack him while he's on the ground.
  • Once he is defeated, the actual final boss will hop out of the wreckage.
  • A crate with a gun will drop just as the fight begins. You must grab the gun and start shooting while also avoiding all of the attacks and projectiles.
  • Pizzahead will then start throwing previous bosses at you. Fortunately, they are a bit simpler than before.
  • You must keep attacking or throwing Gustavo at them until Pizzahead reappears.
  • Then treat Pizzahead the same as the other bosses thrown at you, and you will win.

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