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Hidden Messages Ostereier

Mon Bazou is full of Hidden Messages and numbers used to reference certain adult activities, here is a list of a few:

  • Under the bridge, at the entrance to the city, you can find RADEX, the nickname of a Youtuber who recorded episodes for Mon Bazou before it even premiered.
  • On the roof of the building where you buy Poutine, there is a message in the chimney.
  • Another message can be found at your brother’s house, also on the chimney. It is a bit tricky to get up there and you’ll need to make use of your brother’s car (that’s what siblings are for).
  • The number 69 is prevalent throughout Mon Bazou and is well known for its reference as a sex position. This number is used for your PO Box, it’s the number marked on the Derby vehicle, as well as at Kali-Gas it can be found on the fuel dispenser as well as 420
    (a reference to smoking weed)
Radex shows you all the Easter Egg locations.


Unlock the Racetrack Freischaltbar

To unlock the racetrack, you must have 50 friendship points with Normand. Normand can be found at the Kali-Gas gas station (check the interactive map for directions). When you reach 50 friendship points with the racetrack manager, you will have the option of unlocking it for $70,000 - if you do, you will have to wait 2 weeks in the game before you can drive your car over it.


Albert CosmiX shows you the best route to the racetrack.


Unlocking a Rally Car Freischaltbar

To unlock a rally car, you must compete in three races (drag, track, and oval), each with its own trigger located on the track. You must beat the times listed on the piece of paper next to the garage (the garage is equipped with a compressor, mechanic's crawler board, and a tire
changer). You will receive one of three parts to build a racing car for each race you improve in - you can collect the prize by clicking on the card with the times.



Virus?!? Fehler

Do not be alarmed, Mon Bazou is occasionally flagged as a virus. Mon Bazou hasn’t spawned into a virus nor will it. Go out of the game and try again.



Common Glitches Fehler

Here is a list of glitches that can be found:

  • When the handbrake is engaged, an object in the trailer moves (don't use it for the time being).
  • The racecar and game crashing occasionally result in a black screen.
  • If another barrel is removed from underneath it, the barrel can float.
  • You may have difficulty detaching the wood splitter from the ATV.
  • Tire tracks appear in the sky when a car is saved at Sugarshack.
  • Racecars that are started are at a risk of disappearing.
  • Firewood does not despawn on a daily basis (at Francis).
  • When in the rear, adjusting the spring force on the Coilover is impossible.
  • Even without crashing, objects could easily fall from Konig's trunk.
  • When you minimize the game in fullscreen, it closes.
  • Occasionally, the message "Not enough space"; prevents you from digging holes. To fix this, save and reload.
  • When closing the escape menu, the control/steering wheel settings were not saved.
  • After closing/reopening the console, the Bullet Hell Death and Level Up screens remain.
  • The Fertilizer Pack does not show the percentage remaining.
  • The fries packager sound was not coming out correctly.
  • The weight of the Syrup Barrel has been adjusted (They were way too light)
  • There may be some translation issues.


Saving/Loading Error Fehler

Your saved games may not be showing on the Load Menu. Follow these steps:

  • Use this address to find your save folder.
  • Create a copy of the folder.
  • Turn off the steam cloud.
  • Delete all "save" files from your folder C:\users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\SantaGoat\Mon Bazou\Savename
  • Start the game and go through each saved folder (number named), closing/opening the load menu (You should start by the last one in the list).
  • When a load is corrupted: Well done, you found the damaged one and you will need to delete it.
  • Don’t forget to the reactive steam cloud before exiting the game.



Other Glitches Fehler

The other glitches to be aware of:

  • Avoid using special characters when naming your Saved games as it can cause your game to freeze.
  • Be careful with Saving as you can have more than one save in different places in-game with the same name.
  • When using a controller. If the game won’t load or your character can’t move once you’ve loaded, delete this key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\SantaGoat\MonBazou from Regedit.


Who are You Gonna Call? Phone Numbers Hinweise

Need a ride to town or the electricity is out and you need to phone the power plant? Here is a list of all the phone numbers you may need in the game:

  • School Bus: 555-2181
  • Fuel Delivery (Race Track): 555-3835
  • Martin (Free Ride): 555-2020
  • Mother: 555-2109


Radex finds the phone numbers.


How to Make Compost Leitfäden

Making Compost is as easy in Mon Bazou as it is in real life, all you need is potatoes. Simply take a bucket of already grown potatoes and empty it into the composter, remember to open the lid before emptying the container. Point the container at the middle of the composter and it will be emptied. All that is left to do is wait for the fertilizer to be ready.



How to Make Fertilizer Leitfäden

You will need to wait a little while for the compost to finish. Once you have finished emptying the bag of potatoes into the composter. There is a handle or a button on the composter, depending on whether you purchased the upgrade or not. To make the fertilizer pack, you need either 25% of the finished fertilizer (improved composter) or 50% of the finished fertilizer (cottage composter).


SpiritX gives you all the in and outs of gardening and fertilizers.


Homemade Poutine and Syrup Leitfäden

Mon Bazou is a Canadian-based game and as such, it has some interesting cuisine options, for food you have Poutine and to drink Maple syrup.

Making Poutine
A frying basket is required to make homemade Poutine, which you will receive from your mother once you reach friendship level 50. (check available friendship thresholds).

You will need potatoes and curd cheese to make your own food. The ingredients can be found in a small wooden shed next to the city gate (see the interactive map). You can purchase curd cheese there and receive a free potato seed, which you must plant in the garden; and watch it grow (similar to planting greens plants, after harvesting you will get more potato seeds).

In order to harvest the finished potatoes, you need a basket that you need to set up next to the food-making machine in the kitchen. Once the potatoes are cut and tossed into the machine (a full potato basket is 50% French fries), the basket must be placed there. Homemade poutine contains 20% potatoes and 10% curd cheese in each serving. 

Making Syrup
You will need a Sugar Shack and the Canned Syrup Upgrade (cost: $2,599.99) to make your own canned syrup, but you will also need empty cans ($4 each) and can lids ($5.99 for 12), as well as can crates ($29.99 each) for easier can transport (separate for empty cans, separate for
full cans – cannot be combined).

If you already have everything you need, head over to the Sugar Shack to make your own syrup. Just put the lids in the pouring machine and then add an empty can; after a while, your syrup will be ready and you can use it whenever you need it for drinking.


InsideAgameR shows you the homemade Poutine.


Winning the derby Leitfäden

Every Sunday at noon, derbies are held. You can sign up for the derby between the hours of 6 and 12 in a special booth on the racetrack (you must have it unlocked; it costs $ 70,000). You can only compete in the competition after you have registered. Have fun, take home the trophy, and get the Konig rally shocks unlocked.

One rule that is important to keep in mind is that the rear of a vehicle is stronger than the front, which means that if an impact occurs in front of the vehicle, you will lose more HP. Try to protect the front of the vehicle, and if you must attack other vehicles, use the rear of the vehicle.

Avoid confrontation with other vehicles at first because they will collide, reducing the health of their vehicles, and then, when there are only 2-3 cars left, attack them because they will most likely have too little health to repeat the attack many times.

You can win three rounds at a racetrack special event by following these simple rules. What are the rewards? The black van seller sells a trophy that you can put in your garage as well as an unlock for Konig rally shock absorbers.


Radex shows you how to win the Derby.


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