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Dead Space
  • KATEGORIE: Remake
  • Erstmals veröffentlicht: Jan 26, 2023
  • Genres: Shooter, Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
  • Themen: Action, Science fiction, Horror, Survival
  • Bewertungen: PEGI 18, ESRB M
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Cheat codes


Here are the cheat codes from the original game. These are here for reference, you can try them... but sadly they aren't working in the remake.

In the original you would enter one of the following codes while the game is paused. A sound would play if the code was entered correctly. 

  • Refill Stasis then Kinesis energy: Pause the game then press X, Y(2), X, Y.
  • Refill oxygen: Pause the game then press X(2), Y(3).
  • +2 Nodes: Pause the game then press Y, X(3), Y.
  • +5 Nodes: Pause the game then press Y, X, Y, X(2), Y, X(2), Y, X(2), Y.
  • +1,000 credits: Pause the game then press X(3), Y, X.
  • +2,000 credits: Pause the game then press X(3), Y(2).
  • +5,000 credits: Pause the game then press X(3), Y, X, Y.
  • +10,000 credits: Pause the game then press X, Y(3), X(2), Y.
Cheat codes from the original dead space game.

Paying Respect to the Former Game Designer


The smash-hit 2008 video game Dead Space was created by renowned video game director and designer Glen Schofield. Schofield, however, co-founded Sledgehammer Games after leaving EA Games a long time ago, so the renowned artist was not involved in the creation of the Dead Space remake. He later directed The Callisto Protocol, a different interpretation of the genre that Dead Space helped establish, in 2022.

But in the Dead Space Remake, Motive Studio and Electronic Arts paid tribute to Glen Schofield by inscribing Schofield Tools on Isaac Clarke's plasma cutter. Players must adjust their camera angle to view the bottom portion of the weapon because the text is small and placed there. 

Check out the name that appears on the tools in this video by YouTuber along with a few other cool easter eggs.

It's all in the titles


This is yet another element that was present in the 2008 version of the game. It's a cool, cryptic reference to the big reveal at the conclusion of the story, but it's easy to miss for new fans. Every chapter has a title, and each title's first letter spells out the truth about what happened to Isaac's girlfriend, Nicole Brennan. See for yourself:

  • New Arrivals
  • Intensive Care
  • Course Correction
  • Obliteration Imminent
  • Lethal Devotion
  • Environmental Hazards
  • Into the Void
  • Search and Rescue
  • Dead on Arrival
  • End of Days
  • Alternate Solutions
  • Dead Space

Dead Space: Downfall


There have been numerous prequel tales to the first Dead Space. One such storyline can be found in the 2008 animated movie Dead Space: Downfall. In essence, the movie tells the story of what happened before Ishimura spiraled into madness and carnage. The narrative centers on Alissa Vincent, a security chief.

You can find a text log called "Retrieval Order" in Chapter 12. It reads as a directive for security personnel to gather the bodies of Marker-affected victims, as suggested by its title. Security Chief A. Vincent—a nod to the animated character—issued the directive.

Dead Space 3


You can watch a holographic recording of the evil Dr. Mercer interacting with Brant Harris, one of his patients, in the remake. Brant unavoidably comes under the Marker's sway. Then he says, "They're hungry. They're coming. They'll make us whole."

This is an obvious allusion to the Brethren Moons from Dead Space 3. The Black Marker's signal is driven by these enormous, moon-like necromorphs. They say the same thing that Isaac and John Carver said in Dead Space 3: "We are coming. We are hungry. We are here." As they talk about the final convergence event, they make threats against Earth, saying, "All worlds will be consumed and become one. We will all be made whole."

Isaac's Silent Past: A Subtle Hint


If you enjoyed the first Dead Space, you'll remember how Isaac was infamous for speaking only in screams and grunts. Later, he was given a voice in Dead Space 2. Gunner Wright, the actor who provided that voice, is back to bring Isaac to life once more in this remake.

However, there is a specific time when Isaac first sees Dr. Mercer in person. The doctor uses the stasis to freeze him before asking aloud why Isaac's convergence on the Ishimura was stalled. Then Mercer continues, "But even if I were to ask, I suspect you're not the talkative type." Of course, that could just be a playful jab at a man who is speechless due to stasis. Alternately, it might be a humorous allusion to Isaac's secret past.

Dead Space: Extraction


Dead Space: Extraction, a prequel game, was released for the Wii in 2009. Unlike the original, Extraction is not a survival-horror game. Instead, it is a rail shooter that centers on characters who are in the colony on Aegis VII. However, when everything went to hell in a handbasket, these characters tried to flee to Ishimura.

In the remake, a text log titled "Unexpected Visitors" lists the rig registrations for three people who have just appeared on board the ship: Nathan McNeil, Lexine Murdoch, and Warren Eckhardt. These three individuals served as the main characters in Dead Space: Extraction.

Bonuses for successful completion


The following will become available after completing the game on any difficulty level:

  • Ten Power Nodes
  • 50,000 credits
  • Level 6 Military suit schematic
  • Impossible difficulty
  • Back story log entries

Wearing the Military suit in Impossible mode


Obtain the military suit, equip it, and complete the game in New Game Plus mode. Save the game just before the final boss. Skip the credits when the game is finished, and do not save it when prompted. Instead, start a new game with the Military suit on the Impossible difficulty right away.

The Peng Treasure


The Dead Space remake features the return of the infamous and enigmatic Peng Treasure. It's not, however, in the same place as the original one. In the 2008 version of the game, the treasure was located in the hangar. The same location is now occupied by a text log. It's the entry from a man who found the statue and kept it in his locker.

You must be on the flight deck at 11 to find it. Once your ship has departed and you are in the ship port, look between the walkways. A locker next to a corpse is where you can later find the treasure. The Peng trophy is a recurring Easter egg in the Dead Space series, though not much is known about it. You can sell it for 30,000 credits and gain the achievement "There's Always Peng!" if you collect it.

It may be difficult to find the Peng Treasure so you can watch this video to show you step by step exactly where it is.

Secret message code


Hit your objective finder in 1, right after you fix the tram's claw. You should proceed down the hallway indicated by the blue line. When you enter the hallway, halt immediately and turn to face the catwalk above your head. For the time being, ignore the alien. When you reach the first hallway on the right, continue walking. Once inside, you'll notice writing on everything in a strange language. “Don't listen to their lies; read what they're really saying,” says a sign that you can see in English when you look down. Continue reading to see a key that identifies the alien tongue, followed by English letters from A to Z and numbers 0 through 1. You should be able to read enough of the writing to understand it, even though not all of it will be clear.

Quick ammunition


When you run out of ammunition but have a bench and several power nodes, you can upgrade a weapon's capacity node to add ammunition until the weapon's maximum capacity is reached.

Easy credits


  • Sell the Plasma Cutter you have at the shop. It is very expensive in credits, but getting a new one is cost-free.
  • The Contact Gun should be purchased as soon as possible. Around the ship, ammunition for it will begin to appear. For 1,000 credits each, sell all of the extra ammunition for it.
  • A hole and debris are blocking the hallway leading to the side where you can see the planet in 2's Zero G Therapy area. Return up to the debris after passing through the left-hand room and coming out the other side. In the direction of the planet, you can see something flashing outside. It is 10,000 credits.

Secret Ending


There is an additional Dead Space remake ending in addition to the conventional one. The marker, who seems to have control over Clarke, is the cause of this.

As it may be difficult to find all 12 of the Marker Fragment - this video will guide you as well as show you the alternative ending.

Escaping the Hunter


It is impossible to kill the hunter because it regenerates. It's challenging when you first come across him, and you simply have to flee. He does not immediately regenerate his legs, so it is best to shoot them off. He moves much more slowly without legs. Once he is frozen, he will be taken away. Use the same approach the next time you encounter him, then use the rocket engines to fry him, and then gather the power node he drops.

It may be a lot easier to see it done, check out how this YouTuber gets the job done.

Taking down the Leviathan


Get rid of the tentacles first. Target the orange ball once the center has opened. Take the Lathan pods or the explosive canisters and fire them into the center.

It might be best to watch another player defeat the boss first and get some guidance from how the player in this video defeated him.

Eliminating the last Boss


Its size shouldn't intimidate you. Despite being huge, it is simple to kill. The subsequent tasks were completed with medium difficulty. When the battle starts, you'll see that the boss' tentacles have "caged" you in. Pay attention to the yellow "blooms" surrounding the boss' mouth. You will get closer to killing it by shooting each one. The boss will, however, grab you and hold you in the air after you have shot a few of them. It might seem like you are powerless at this point. Shoot the yellow blooms with whatever weapon you are using at the moment. After a few shots, you will be dropped. The boss will then start to attack you more frequently with its tentacles. They can be easily avoided. Strafe continuously from left to right. They will never strike you. The boss may roar at you, fire a few exploding cells at you, or drop enemy pods on you. This is also a straightforward part, as there are usually only two tiny Necromorphs. Once the blooms are destroyed, you will see a "caged" area beneath the beast. Its numerous hearts are located beneath this rib cage. Use the same approach you used with the tentacles. The boss will eventually reopen after a few repetitions. Strike the boss to kill it.

Take tips to defeat the last boss from how this YouTuber completed the game.

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