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Citystate Cheats Schummeln

Citystate is great for creative city builders. Unfortunately, it does not allow cheats on its platform. You can make use of a trainer if you want to use cheats. A great trainer to use is Plitch Trainer. There aren’t many cheats for the game but enough to help you get a headstart. 

The free cheats are:

  • Prepare
  • Add Money
  • Increase Stability

The Premium Cheats are;

  • Set Inflation

To use Plitch trainer you first need to install it on your device. Once installed, enter the program and search for Citystate II. When you find the game and enter it you will need to activate prepare before you can use the other cheats.

You can also make use of a cheat engine to add money and resources to your city. Using cheat engine 7.2, search for the game and add the resources you need to the cheat engine. Here’s a video tutorial on how to do it. 


Here's a video tutorial on how to use the cheat engine.


Starting Budget & Tax Hinweise

When you first start playing you want to avoid going into the nation's fund as there is no need to do this when you only have one city on the map. Go into settings and on the right side under expanses you will find the national contribution. Make this 0. 

Once you have done that it would be best if you lowered your tax settings as well. Lower your tax settings on retail, commercial, industry, and residential zones. Doing this will keep demand high but cost low for the development of your city. 



The order of things Hinweise

Make a road before you do anything. Choose a spot on the edge of the map so that you can lay a long uninterrupted road. Choose the cheapest road to lay and draw your road as long as you can get it. This will most likely be gravel roads. They have 1000 capacity for traffic congestion and don’t require maintenance. 

Once you have got your road set think forward to how you are going to zone off your areas and place water and electricity accordingly. Take a look at the guides section to see how to do this. 



How to Make More Money on Taxes Hinweise

Generally when they are a need in one of your zones for a particular service, such as a fire department. That zone will provide the money to pay for those services. If you see there is a need in any of your zones for a service, for example, a fire department, placing one there will up the safety ratings in that area and the overall happiness of your citizens. 

Because you are providing more services in that area you will see more income coming into your taxes. You can take advantage of this by being prompt in placing more service areas before the need becomes dire. 



Keeping Citizens Happy. Hinweise

In any city simulator, it is vital that you keep your citizens happy. The consequences of unhappy citizens can lead to your town being unproductive, there being protests and not being able to produce the necessary tax you need. 

Situations that can cause unhappy citizens are things such as highly populated residential areas, residential areas that are too close to industrial areas with heavy pollution, and high unemployment or tax rate. Highly congested traffic is a fast way to make your citizens unhappy. Having areas such as parks and recreational areas for citizens are often ways of keeping them happy.


Here is a short video with some great tips to play Citystate II.


Beginners Guide Leitfäden

Like most city-building games you will start with your rodes. Citystate II, however, doesn’t provide you with a central highway to start from. You need to place this yourself. Placing the first road will set the dynamic for the rest of your city. 

You don’t want to have to come back later and demolish buildings or areas of your road to expand. With this in mind, build your first road in a way that will seamlessly add to the rest of your city’s flow. 

Keep your smaller roads to residential areas running off the main road and avoid zoning off the main road. Before you place homes you need to place some infrastructure like a water tower or diesel generator.

On one side of the road try to build a medium-density residential area. You can use the other side to build a medium-sized industrial area and a few farms. You should start making an income shortly after this. 

You need to ensure that you are bringing in at least a low to medium income from your residents. You should have around 7% retail, 8% office, and 8% manufacturing as your source of income to be making enough. 

When you start building areas like police stations, fire stations, water towers, schools, and more generators you are going to need to charge more for taxes to keep your facilities running. If you don’t do this your city will eventually be bankrupt.

Place state-owned properties in one area and farms in another. Build parks and lo density residential areas and give them some time to grow in value. When they reach the value you are needing add some industries to them. Try to avoid bsic industry pollution if you can.


Voice Logs Ostereier

In Apex Legends there are tons of Easter eggs in the new evolution update. The first of these is the voice logs. If you listen to the voice logs you will before the match starts you will hear the voices of other characters. One of the voices we hear can be identified as Frances, one of the characters that work for big sister.


Ramparts first Mod Ostereier

While in the waiting room you can explore the area. You will find a few things related to Rampart's childhood such as a small picture stuck on a computer downstairs. The picture shows Rampart with her family just after she had completed her first modification.

Here’s a video that describes the easter eggs above and more.


How to sort out Protests Leitfäden

If your income is low and unemployment is high your city you will most likely find that your citizens will protest. There are three ways in which you can deal with protests and there are drawbacks to each of the three approaches to the protest. You might decide to sacrifice security in exchange for increased civil rights. More available positions are required to address the problem though.

The problem can be solved by introducing high-density industry. As previously, you should spread out the zones for high density and avoid putting many on the same road. Currently, it may seem like there are too many precautions, but that is just because these buildings haven't reached their full level.



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