Xbox One vs. PS4: Microsoft is Not Giving Up

March 22, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment


The latest “console war” has sparked debates all across the Internet, and it sometimes seems as though every time new sales data, exclusive games, or game information comes out, people find a way to use it to show how the PS4 or Xbox One is superior to the other. In fact, a lot of people cite the PS4’s high sales to name it the winner. Microsoft, on the other hand, has no intention of giving up.

In an interview with GameSpot at GDC, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said, “We are in this to win and to compete, compete on all levels; functionality, games, value.”

He discussed the higher price of the Xbox One and how Microsoft intends to make sure customers find the Xbox One’s value appealing, through means such as the Titanfall bundle and the Forza 5 promotion. He also discussed Games with Gold, which will eventually come to the Xbox One, although he could not give a definite date.

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