Xbox One sells 3 million units in 2013

January 7, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


Microsoft’s Xbox One released on November 22 and did quite nicely for the year. It sold 1 million units within its first 24 hours after launch, and reached 2 million units sold by December 11. It was the fastest-selling console in the United States in November, and Microsoft has since announced that when 2013 ended, they had sold 3 million Xbox One units to consumers worldwide.

Whenever new consoles are released, the console wars begin between fans. Microsoft and Sony fans take each piece of news related to the Xbox One or PS4’s respective success as a sign that it is the winner. Success stories for both consoles continue to be announced, so the safest assumption to make is that both are doing quite well.

These excellent sales figures are record-breaking for a Microsoft console and bode well for its future. Despite its shaky start when first announced, the Xbox One appears to be a success.

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