Xbox One release date rumors BS

August 28, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment


Two days ago we posted that Kotaku thought the Xbox One was going to launch on November 8, primarily thanks to a well-placed source at Walmart that it had. Well, Kotaku has since come out and admitted that the console may not actually be arriving then, as originally thought.

Conveniently, they have a new source “close to Microsoft” who’s told them the November 8 release date is incorrect and that the actual date will be later in November. All in all I think it’s been a great link bait campaign for Kotaku. The bottom line is we are no closer to knowing a release date than when we started.

There is another Xbox One release date rumor flying around today that we’re not even going to bother linking to. Basically though, “an un-named source close to a large organization” has said it will be November 22. Absolutely zero other details are provided.

Tomorrow, One Cheats will have it’s own even more mysterious, more anonymous, and more unreliable source post a release date rumor for you. Stay tuned!

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