Xbox One can record last 5 minutes of your gameplay

Last Updated: July 23, 2013


Here’s some newly confirmed information regarding an Xbox One feature a lot of you are probably excited about – automatic recording of gameplay. It is now known that the Xbox One is able to automatically record the last five minutes of your gameplay.

Details concerning the time length were given by Microsoft Studios creative director Ken Lob while discussing the Xbox One version of Killer Instinct at Comic-Con.

The idea is you’re always recording. The last five minutes of any game you’re playing are always being stored on your hard drive.

The five minute figure is less than what the Playstation 4 is capable of recording however. Apparently it can do 15 minutes.

The Xbox One will, however, also offer some other cool features in terms of recording and sharing your gameplay. For instance you’ll be able to edit your footage on the fly and add things like voice-overs and titles. Plus, for times when you can’t stop and edit your clips (like right after that awesome killstreak you just nailed in CoD online) you can simply say “Xbox, record that” and your console will save the last 30 seconds of gameplay to the hard-drive. You can then go back and edit it later. And don’t forget you can stream all your gameplay online via the Xbox One (and PS4 for that matter).

All in all the next generation of gaming offers some exciting possibilities in terms of recording and sharing your gameplay and we can’t wait to see all the exciting ways it’s used – not the least in terms of cheats and guides for games!