Xbox One at E3: The Ultimate Rundown


Microsoft’s Xbox One E3 press conference has come and gone and they delivered on one promise – it was all about the games (with a bit of other, necessary information like release dates and pricing).

Rather than make you read through pages and pages of drivel, we’ve got all the details you need to know below, in one concise, easy to read list. Have a look and then tell us your feelings on the Xbox One in the comments below. We are pretty pumped to be honest – the games are looking good!

Price: US: $499 | UK: £429 | Europe: €499 | Australia: $599 | Games: US$59.99

Release date: November 2013 (21 countries)

Preorder: Microsoft Store | Amazon | Walmart | Target

Games: all the following games are coming to the Xbox One

Free games for Gold subscribers: all Gold subscribers to Xbox Live will receive two free games each month starting from 1 July. The first two games are Halo 3 and Assassins Creed II.

Xbox Live friends: the number of friends you can have on Xbox Live will be increased from the current limit of 100 to 1,000.

Game streaming and clips: Microsoft is partnering with Twitch to let you stream your gaming. You can also record and share gaming clips using a new Xbox One app called Upload Studio.

Smartglass: will be compatible with the Xbox One and let you make in-game purchases and receive tips on gameplay. Can also be used for multiplayer control.

Microsoft Points: will be converted into your local currency prior to the launch of Xbox One.

Xbox 360: has been redesigned (as below) in line with the styling of the Xbox One. pricing is US$199 for the 4GB version and US$299 for the 250 GB version or 4GB Kinect bundle.


4 thoughts on “Xbox One at E3: The Ultimate Rundown”

  1. I’m seeing positives, but what about the negatives?
    From what I know, Microsoft has done a lot to the X1 that favors itself..

    • Yup the DRM and internet connectivity requirements are the two key issues for most people… particularly now we know that the PS4 has not such issues!


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