What if the Xbox One was $100 cheaper?

July 26, 2013 by Cheats.co Staff - 5 Comments


One of the major differences between the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One is the price of each console. As you must know by now (and I certainly hope you do, especially if you’ve pre-ordered!) the price of the PS4 is $399 while the Xbox One (inclusive of the mandatory Kinect 2.0) is $499. That means the Xbox One is 25% more expensive than the PS4 – not an insignificant amount.

It’s also pretty obvious that in order to compete more effectively with Sony in terms of price, Microsoft will be working hard to position themselves to manufacture the Xbox One as cheap as possible. After all, video game consoles are usually loss leaders (even retailers make very little on them) with the main source of game industry profits coming from the games themselves and accessories.

An analyst over at financial services firm Robert W Baird & Co thinks the same thing, stating that Microsoft is “working with channel partners to lessen the gap” in terms of the price difference. How long it might take them to hit that level where the retail price of the Xbox One can be lowered is hard to guess at the moment, and in any event it’s not like Sony are going to be sitting back either. Just like Microsoft, they’ll also be working hard to optimize the PS4 manufacturing and sales process.

The question though is this: if the Xbox One was the same price as the Playstation 4 – $399 – would you switch from buying the PS4 and grab an Xbox One instead? Let us know in the comments below.

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5 responses to “What if the Xbox One was $100 cheaper?”

  1. RagingDuck says:

    No, I would wait to see if Xbox One is as impressive as MS say it will be. I know PS4 will be good.

  2. Tidiane Bakayoko says:

    no, its about how good the counsole is not the price. and also how comfortable u are using the system

  3. Sheldon Prescott says:

    Assuming that PS4 will remain at $400, if Xbox One will still come with the Kinect, I think $400 would be wishful thinking. Maybe $450 might actually happen. Either way, I’ll buy X1 at launch. The games got me so excited for next gen.

  4. RAYAN says:

    Of course I’ll switch. Every gamer knows Xbox One has the best launch games by far. PS4 has Knack, are you kidding. It looks like a PS2 game. Killzone looks about the same as the PS3 Killzone and doesn’t impress me at all. Battlefield 4 and COD: Ghosts look much better. I reserved the PS4 just for the price and DRM at E3. I’ve been thinking about switching since the DRM change and after seeing Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse. Forza 5 looks much better than Driveclub. So basically I don’t really care about PS4. I just reserve it because I was mad at Microsoft during E3 for the DRM fiasco and wanted to play Battlefield and COD next gen. Heck I traded my Xbox for a PS4 reservation. I’m not the only gamer that felt this way. Nonetheless, I admit that Xbox One games look much better than PS4 games. I even loved the concept of Project Spark. Now they say you have infinite cloud storage and that it is a development unit for games. Only a Naughty Dog reveal might keep my PS4 reservation. Actually, maybe not. Make that 2 ND games and God of War. I hated the last game. If they lower the price, just for Killer Instinct I’ll make the switch. Actually thinking about it I’ll probably do it this week. I’m not that mad anymore, I guess. A lot of my friends feel the same way. I’m a medical student and I’m also planning on using Xbox One’s development abilities to make a medical app, use it to Skype my mom in Ireland and fellow med students, and I’ll probably try that web app Word and Power Point on the One. Without the DRM and trade in advantage PS4 is not looking so good to me.
    PS: I owned and/or still own a PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS, Vita and even a Wii U. And I play a lot of Tablet and smartphone games. So I’m a real gamer, not a fanboy. Far from it. I just don’t think I need a PS4 now. It can wait. Xbox One, on the contrary, I need to play Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Ryse and those third party games I reserved on my PS4 launch reservation. That means if I do the switch this week I’ll have to change COD, Battlefield 4, Assassins Creed 4 and Watchdogs PS4 versions to the Xbox One versions and add reservations for DR3, Forza and Ryse. Please Microsoft lower the price!

  5. XBO FTW! says:

    It don’t matter, I will have both consoles!

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