How to upgrade the Xbox One hard-drive

December 2, 2013 by Staff - 1 Comment


If you think upgrading the hard-drive in your Xbox One will increase its performance markedly (like with the PS4) then think again. Not only is the whole process pretty complicated, it will void your warranty and give you only limited performance gains.

In order to upgrade the Xbox One hard-drive you’ll need to run some Linux scripts… uh oh. For those of you brave enough to continue reading, you can find all the stuff you need to download here, and then we suggest you watch the video embedded below which will tell you what to do with it all.

We should also warn those of you looking to upgrade just to increase the hard-drive’s storage capacity, that Microsoft will eventually introduce external USB storage for the Xbox One. So if you can hold on (and would also like to hold onto your warranty) then we suggest making do with the 500GB currently available.

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One response to “How to upgrade the Xbox One hard-drive”

  1. David Werkema says:

    I want to upgrade my Xbox one drive from the original 500GB to a 1TB hybrid drive. I currently have three games installed on my original drive that were purchased online from Microsoft and downloaded and Installed onto my original 500GB drive, how can I move those over to my newly created drive?

    Thanks, Dave

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