Titanfall: More Weapons, XP Distribution, No Rumble for Xbox One Triggers

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With just a little over a week to go before launch, we’ve got some new details for you on Titanfall, thanks to Twitter posts by Community Manager Abbie Heppe.

First, the Pilot weapons we got to see in action in the beta aren’t the only weapons in the game. We’ll be looking forward to learning about the new ones when the game comes out. Maybe there will be a few interesting surprises in store.

Next, XP distribution is not uniform across the game. Although she did not give any specific differences, it will vary by game mode.

Finally, Titanfall doesn’t support the Xbox One’s trigger rumble feature. While this may be a disappointment to some, a lot of first-person shooter players prefer to turn rumble features off, as it inhibits aiming skills. Still, maybe Respawn can implement a rumble option later on.

Heppe was also asked if a player could transfer their stats between consoles, if they played Titanfall on the Xbox 360 and then played on the Xbox One. She did not have a definite answer, although she said she didn’t think so. We’ll let you know if we get official confirmation.

Meanwhile, Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella also announced that if you were one of the PC users who had problems with Titanfall not working with your Intel HD video card, download Intel’s new video driver update to fix the issue.

That’s it for now—and it won’t be much longer before we can discuss Titanfall itself.

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