Titanfall 2 Stuck on “Data Center Searching” – Solution

December 5, 2016 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

If you’ve been playing Titanfall 2, you might have encountered a glitch where you can’t enter multiplayer because the game becomes stuck on the “data center: searching” screen. Alternately, it may get stuck during the “contacting Respawn servers” message.

Regardless of which spot the game gets stuck at, this glitch will prevent you from playing until you fix it. So, what causes the Titanfall 2 “data center searching” glitch? It appears to be a simple problem: if you have multiple network adapters enabled, the game can’t access the list of data centers. Fortunately, this means it has a simple solution for many people.

Common Solution

You need to disable whichever network adapter you aren’t using. If you’re playing Titanfall 2 with a wi-fi connection, disable its Ethernet connection. If you’re playing with an Ethernet connection, disable the wi-fi connection.

On the PC, you can do this by going to your Control Panel, selecting “Network and Connections,” and then choosing “Network Connections.” All adapters should be displayed. If you right-click the one you aren’t using, you should be able to disable it.

Alternate Solutions

However, while this is the most common solution, it doesn’t seem to work for everyone. If it doesn’t solve the problem or you only have one network adapter, here are a few things you can try:

  • Check your adapter’s settings. If it has options related to gaming that aren’t enabled, try enabling them.
  • Disable every network device, including hidden devices. Enable only the one you intend to use.
  • Change the priority of your network cards by following this helpful guide.
  • Reset your adapter.

Unfortunately, none of these are guaranteed workarounds. Respawn said they are looking into the problem. With any luck, an official fix will be released soon.

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