Microsoft Remains Committed to the Xbox Brand

March 10, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


There have been some rumors going around that Microsoft has plans to drop the Xbox brand, along with some of its other brands, especially with Stephen Elop taking charge of Xbox. At SXSW however, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer officially refuted those claims.

According to Spencer, both CEO Satya Nadella and Stephen Elop are “extremely committed to Xbox.” He went on to remind fans that Xbox is one of their most popular brands, and that they have no intention of abandoning it. He even described the ongoing console war as a positive thing for the gaming industry overall.

It wouldn’t make sense for Microsoft to drop Xbox, and we never took much stock in the rumors, but nevertheless, it’s good to hear an official answer.

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Aaron Greenberg Denies Rumors Xbox Being Sold to Amazon

February 16, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


We’ve heard some strange rumors lately, including a theory that Microsoft plans to sell its entire Xbox division to Amazon. Amazon recently bought Double Helix Games, so the thought of them entering the gaming industry makes sense, but this would still be an unexpected move.

Well, when asked by a Twitter user, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg addressed the claims, describing them as “ridiculous” and expressing his disbelief that people would give the rumor credence.

You would think that would put an end to it, but of course, some people just think he’s lying. We’ll keep you updated if anything more comes of this rumor.

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Microsoft’s Million Servers

February 7, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


The cloud has been discussed a lot when it comes to Microsoft and the Xbox One, and now we’ve got new details on the technical side.

Microsoft has joined the Open Compute Project, a project where companies share the designs of their servers. It will present three different designs at the Open Compute Summit in San Jose, which has already started, and Microsoft has also open sourced its server software code. These new designs will become the standard for their future servers.

Company servers are designed to be as efficient as possible Microsoft has over one million of them, powering the cloud for all of its various services. According to Bill Laing, vice president of Microsoft cloud and enterprise, new server designs will increase savings by 40%, increase power efficiency by 15%, and decrease deployment/service times by 50%. The new servers should also be more environmentally friendly.

If you’re interested in more of the technical details, you can check out the chassis design used for Microsoft’s new servers and much more. If you just want to know what this means for the Xbox One, the cloud services should provide a consistent, powerful experience for games that use them.

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Xbox: we have the best games

November 14, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment


With some Playstation 4 launch titles getting mixed reviews Microsoft seems to be stepping up its “Xbox One has the best games” marketing campaign.

The image you can see above was recently sent out via the official Xbox Twitter account. It’s true that the Xbox One does have a lot more launch title exclusives versus the Playstation 4, but we already know that Ryse: Son of Rome hasn’t lived up to expectations. Dead Rising 3 on the other hand has received positive feedback and as for the rest, well we’ll have to wait and see.

With the PS4 being officially released to the masses today (if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one) and the Xbox One following in just one week we’ll soon find out who indeed does has the best games!

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Evolution of the Xbox dashboard

September 10, 2013 by Staff - 1 Comment

Who remembers the blades on the Xbox 360, or even the original green Xbox dashboard? In case you can’t, here’s a cool little image that should jog your memory.


Yup, the blades were cool! Thanks to KillerByte2 of Reddit for the memories.

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An artistic take on Xbox One controller design

September 1, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment

The team at Xbox recently asked a group of eight artists to come up with some designs for the Xbox One controller. The pic below is what they came up with.


To be honest we aren’t sure that we like any of them! Maybe a bit too artistic…

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Xbox One allows limited digital game and Gold features sharing

August 12, 2013 by Staff - 3 Comments


Microsoft has just announced two pretty big benefits in terms of Xbox One functionality and features:

  1. When someone purchases and downloads an Xbox One game onto their console (digital games will be available from their release date, by the way) that game will be available to all users of that console, regardless of whether they are signed in to Live or not.
  2. Some of the benefits and features available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers will now be made available to every person who uses that particular Xbox One console at home (i.e. your non-Gold family members).

Sharing digital games

If the Xbox Live Gold subscriber in your house purchases and downloads a digital game, it will be available to all users of that console, no matter if they are signed into their account or not. Effectively anyone can play it on the console.

Also, if the purchaser of the game goes to a friend’s house and signs in, then his or her digital games collection will also be available on that console to play (and with the new smart downloading feature the Xbox One has this will be very useful!).

Sharing Xbox Live Gold benefits

We recently highlighted some features of Xbox Live/the Xbox One that would only be available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers. This included things like DVR functionality, Skype and SmartMatch (“smarter” multiplayer game matching).

Well now it has been revealed that these benefits will extend to all users of a Xbox One console provided at least one of them is a Live Gold subscriber. Effectively the Gold subscriber can grant access to the Gold features to all other users in his or her home.

Additionally, when a Gold subscriber goes to a friend’s place and uses their Xbox One console, their Gold benefits will temporarily follow them, enabling everyone to access the Gold features for that gaming session.

Good stuff Microsoft, keep it coming!

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Showcase: 20 confirmed Xbox One exclusive games

July 31, 2013 by Staff - 1 Comment


The Xbox One has a very impressive 20 exclusive games announced for it so far and the YouTube clip embedded below showcases them all (along with couple of Xbox 360 games).

Check out the video first and then see how many exclusive Xbox One games you can name. Note that for the purposes of this video, if the game appears on other Microsoft platforms too (ie Windows) then it is still considered “exclusive”. Basically, you won’t find these games on the Playstation 4, or Wii U for that matter. The list also matches up nicely with our own, which you can find here and also included a list of Xbox One launch titles.

  1. Dead Rising 3
  2. Ryse: Son of Rome
  3. Kinect Sports Rivals
  4. Forza Motorsports 5
  5. Minecraft Xbox One
  6. LocoCycle
  7. Killer Instinct
  8. D4 (Dark Dreams Don’t Die)
  9. Halo 5
  10. Below
  11. Titanfall
  12. Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare
  13. Project Spark
  14. Quantum Break
  15. Sunset Overdrive
  16. Crimson Dragon
  17. Zoo Tycoon
  18. PowerStar Golf
  19. Black Tusk Project
  20. Fantasia: Music Evolved
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Xbox One pre-orders ahead of Xbox 360 for same period

July 18, 2013 by Staff - 3 Comments


Is the Xbox One running away with the ball?

Today Aaron Greenberg and Major Nelson have both tweeted that pre-orders for the Xbox One are trending ahead of Xbox 360 pre-orders for the same time period.

This will be welcome news for the Xbox team which has had a very tough time introducing the new Xbox One to the world (let’s be honest, they’ve made hash of it).

It’s also important to note a couple of other things:

  • The Xbox 360 launched a full year before the PS3, and had no competition as such for that time. If pre-order numbers for the Xbox One are higher now when it was in direct competition with the PS4, that’s gotta be a good thing.
  • Prior to the launch of the Xbox 360, Microsoft were coming from a second place position (with the original Xbox). This time though they are coming in as leaders from the prior generation.
  • With the expansion of social media and our ability to get news and other information from the internet these days, it’s not surprising that more people know about the new console and are prepared to pre-order one.

Anyway, it’s great news and has us pumped for the Xbox One launch in November! Have you pre-ordered?

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