White Xbox One likely available to public in the future

Hopefully you saw our post regarding the White Special Edition Xbox One that all members of the MS Interactive Entertainment Business unit will receive once the console finally launches in November. That story also got posted to Reddit where Larry Hyrb (aka Major Nelson) has an active, verified account. Responding to a fan question as … Read more

European Xbox One pre-orders receive free copy of FIFA 14

Microsoft’s Gamescom showcase event is over and we’re still bringing you all the details (just check the front page for recent news), but it was revealed that every pre-order for a Xbox One console made in Europe will include a free copy of FIFA 14 when it ships. And if you’ve already made an order, … Read more

Some rumors regarding the Xbox One launch and SDK

Like any well-informed gamer we’re sure you’ve been following the pre-launch progress of the Playstation 4 in addition to that of the Xbox One. In fact you might have even heard several rumors that the PS4 will arrive in October, just before the Xbox One’s launch in November. More “evidence” in favor of that scenario … Read more

Xbox One unboxing video

Wanna know exactly what you’ll get when unboxing (your) brand new Xbox One in November? Check out this video! Major Nelson recently posted an Xbox One unboxing video that shows the full contents of the retail box. Notably, now included is the Xbox One specific chat headset, which Microsoft only just said it was “considering” … Read more

Xbox One accessories video showcase

Microsoft have put together a series of three videos that showcase different Xbox One accessories. Namely, the Play & Charge Kit, the Chat Headset and of course the Wireless Controller. Each of the videos is extremely well done and captured in high definition, enabling you to see every single detail. Basic notes on how they … Read more