Major Xbox One update on its way

Reception of the Xbox One has been mostly positive, but the new version of Xbox Live has not been as well-received as its predecessor. Fans consider it to be less user-friendly, with certain features hidden or located in unexpected areas. Microsoft’s Marc Whitten has assured everyone, however, that they have plans to update it in … Read more

Interesting/cool people to follow on Xbox Live

teckademics has started what we think is a pretty cool thread over at the Xbox One sub-reddit. Basically it’s a list of notable people that you might find it interesting/worthwhile to follow on Xbox Live. The list includes everyone from Bill Gates to Vin Diesel, Lil’ Wayne, Kid Rock, Michelle Rodriguez and other celebrities. Plus there … Read more

Xbox One voice commands at launch clarified – somewhat

Albert Penello, director of Product Planning at Microsoft, has taken to NeoGAF in an attempt to try and clarify some inconsistencies regarding the extent to which voice features on the Xbox One are supported when the console launches in November. The thread stems from someone spotting some fine print on the official Xbox site as follows: … Read more

Xbox One allows limited digital game and Gold features sharing

Microsoft has just announced two pretty big benefits in terms of Xbox One functionality and features: When someone purchases and downloads an Xbox One game onto their console (digital games will be available from their release date, by the way) that game will be available to all users of that console, regardless of whether they … Read more

Earn rewards and XP with Xbox Community Level

It seems to be all about gamification, levels and gaining XP these days with Microsoft announcing a new Xbox Live program called Xbox Community Level (XCL). It’s meant to track positive contributions you make to the Xbox community and hand out rewards in return. Initially, the XCL program will be opened up through two existing … Read more