Get the Watch Dogs Season Pass With the Gold Edition

We’re getting closer and closer to the release of Watch Dogs on the Xbox One and PS4, and if you haven’t preordered it yet, you might consider the newly-announced Gold Edition. The Gold Edition is a step up from the Digital Deluxe Edition, as it contains all the content of the Digital Deluxe Edition as … Read more

Check Out Spider Tank Gameplay in Watch Dogs

If you didn’t catch the news yesterday, Watch Dogs is going to have an incredible amount of content for players to enjoy. This content includes surreal digital trips and AR missions, which explains some of the weirder Watch Dogs screenshots. One such mini-game involves controlling a mech-like spider tank and destroying things. To see the … Read more

Watch Dogs: 100 Mini-games, Multiplayer Footage, and More

Do you remember back when we reported that there would be more than the six revealed mini-games in Watch Dogs? Yep. It’s got 100. In an interview with Gamersyde, Creative Director Jonathan Morin said that there are “about forty contracts that are more focused on driving” and “more than 100” mini-games, including “the drinking game, … Read more

Watch Dogs: More Mini-games, Second Playable Character?

Watch Dogs seems determined to impress with the amount of content it has. A solid main story, unending side missions, multiplayer modes, and mini-games–if it delivers on everything it’s promised, players certainly won’t run out of things to do. In fact, it turns out that there will even be more than we thought. Only six … Read more

Watch Dogs’ Inventory is a Dynamic, Floating Window

We already knew protagonist Aiden Pearce’s smartphone would play a role in Watch Dogs, and now we’ve gotten to see an example of it. Ubisoft released two screenshots that show the game’s inventory. Rather than being a separate, paused menu, the inventory opens up as a floating window that represents the user interface of Aiden’s … Read more