Predicting cheats, codes and more for Xbox One games

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We are just five days away from the release of the Xbox One, Microsoft’s next-gen gaming console, this Friday. That means it’s time to take a look at some of the device’s upcoming games and speculate on what sorts of Xbox One cheats we will be dealing with in the future.


For some of the system’s launch titles, potential “cheat theories” are easy to come by. Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts are two games that have released for current-gen consoles already—BF4 on October 29 and Call of Duty on November 5. Both are new entries in popular first-person shooter franchises and have the sorts of cheats and unlockables one would expect. Players who dive into Battlefield 4 can perform certain tasks and achieve specified goals in the game to unlock new weapons, and hunt down collectible dog tags for Achievements/Trophies. While playing Call of Duty: Ghosts on the other hand, gamers can complete tasks to unlock new modes and search for the hidden Rorke Files. The Xbox One versions of these two games will likely feature the same sorts of unlockables and cheats.


However, there are several Xbox One launch titles that will not be released until the console hits store shelves. Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, and Ryse: Son of Rome are three of the Xbox One’s exclusive launch titles. There is a good chance that players who fight zombies in Dead Rising 3 will be on the lookout for cheat codes and strategies to unlock and craft new weapons, as well as hints on how to get new unlockable costumes. Killer Instinct has sparked much talk, as it is the first addition to the old fighting game series since 1996. Unlockable costumes are a common feature of fighting games, so it is likely they’ll make an appearance here. In addition to the combo-based combat system common to fighting games, Killer Instinct has some new elements to implement, which should make their way into strategy and hint guides. Meanwhile, Ryse: Son of Rome is an action-adventure game with Kinect capabilities. As a new IP, it is the hardest to predict cheats for. It is possible that there will be unlockable costumes/equipment/weapons and perhaps cheat codes related to the player character’s combat moves. Invincibility cheats are another possibility for this sort of game.


Amidst talk of all of these launch titles, Watch Dogs is still mentioned with excitement. Watch Dogs is a highly anticipated current and next-gen title that was meant to launch just a few days prior to the release of the Xbox One, but has since been delayed until an unknown point in 2014. With action-adventure gameplay and stealth elements in an open world setting, as well as a focus on the hacking techniques of the player character, one can imagine an instant-hack cheat code or unlockable weapons.


Speculation is one thing, but we are quickly approaching the time when it will be replaced by facts. The Xbox One and its games are almost here, and gamers who are interested in these titles should sit down and decide whether or not Microsoft’s next-gen system is right for them.

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Potential PS4 cheats & codes – what could the next generation bring?

November 13, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment

The official launch of the PlayStation 4, Sony’s next-gen gaming console, is now upon us with many reporting that their pre-ordered console has already shipped. When the PS4 is officially released on November 15 a large library of launch titles and future games will accompany it. In the little time remaining, will try to predict the kinds of PlayStation 4 cheats the future will bring.


Call of Duty: Ghosts is already available as a current-gen title, and the PS4 version will be very similar to the one already out (upgraded 1080p visuals aside). This first-person shooter does not have many cheats discovered so far, but it does have new gameplay modes that players can unlock through their actions, as well as hidden files to collect for a Trophy. Trophy strategies and similar cheats will be the most likely things we see for this PS4 title. Another current-gen title making the jump to the eighth generation of consoles is DC Universe Online. This comics-based MMORPG has Trophy guides and hints to help players deal more damage, though its online nature means more cheats could appear as time goes on. FIFA 14 is a third game we can speculate about with a good degree of accuracy. Although it has already appeared on numerous systems, this sports game will launch on the PS4 with a new game engine. Based on the current version, FIFA 14 cheats will likely pertain to Trophies and Trophy strategies.


Minecraft is in the interesting position of being a current-gen game announced for next-gen systems that is not going to be a launch title. Although the PS4 version was supposed to release alongside the console, it has been delayed. Nevertheless, this sandbox game is so popular that it’s easy to predict that its cheats will look a lot like those for the versions already out—unlockables, Trophy guides, and strategies to take advantages of glitches for cool effects like invisibility and item duplication. As a fairly similar experience across the platforms it has appeared on, it should hold few surprises.


However, these next two games won’t be fully understood until the PS4 releases, as they are both exclusive launch titles. Killzone: Shadow Fall has caused much excitement amongst series fans and newcomers alike. As a first-person shooter based on a special forces group known as the Shadow Marshals, any cheat codes for the game will probably unlock new weapons, give the player boosted health or even invincibility, or unlock scenes and areas from the game. Other likely possibilities include bonus costumes and humorous character effects. While Shadow Fall looks at the dark side of things, another one of the PS4’s big launch titles is a family-friendly action game called Knack. As a new IP, there is little to compare Knack to, but its gameplay suggests we could see cheat codes that would unlock Knack’s various abilities or grant him invincibility. There will likely be strategies on how to easily get through each level.


Whether they are interested in Knack, Killzone, or one of the many other PlayStation 4 titles, players who follow speculation about Sony’s next-gen console should get ready for its imminent release and decide if they want to pick one up or pass.

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