Xbox One Rumors: Titanfall Console, Halo 2 HD & More

Last night, a series of Xbox One rumors appeared on NeoGAF. Some of these rumors look more plausible than others, but we recommend keeping in mind that, until an official source confirms them, they are just that—rumors. One of the biggest rumors is the existence of a Titanfall-themed Xbox One console bundle. The NeoGAF user … Read more

Titanfall: Loadouts, AI, and the Cloud

With the release of th e alpha version of Respawn’s Titanfall, and the launch of the highly-anticipated game less than two months away, new details have come to light about this mech-based first-person shooter. Both Pilots and Titans have loadouts for players to prepare. Loadouts for Pilots include spots for three different types of weapons—the … Read more

Battlefield 4 Players Receive Invites to Titanfall Alpha

One of the most highly-anticipated titles announced for the new generation of consoles is Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall. Titanfall, a first-person shooter with an emphasis on mechs and mech combat, received much attention after its reveal at E3, and is scheduled to be released in March. And right now gamers who play Battlefield 4 and are … Read more