Xbox Live Issues for Titanfall and Forza 5

If you’re having trouble with Xbox Live today, you’re not alone. Earlier today, some players encountered issues playing GTA V and Call of Duty: Ghosts during scheduled maintenance work, but even though the maintenance is over, some problems remain. Now, Forza 5 players are encountering difficulties, and the Titanfall servers are down. The Titanfall issue … Read more

Respawn to Stop Titanfall Cheats

It comes as little surprise that some Titanfall players have cheated or hacked the game in order to gain unfair advantages. So far, no steps have been taken to stop them, which understandably has users upset. However, Respawn’s Jon Shiring has assured everyone that the cheaters will be stopped soon. @Peyman_std @DKo5 we have anti-cheat … Read more

Here There Be Monsters: Plans for Titanfall’s DLC

There’s no doubt that Titanfall is a huge hit. It’s received high reviews, praise from players, and all-around success. If you’re enjoying Titanfall and looking forward to the DLC, this new information should interest you. Community Manager Abbie Heppe told IGN some of Respawn’s plans for the upcoming content. The official Titanfall art book shows … Read more

Respawn’s Plans for Titanfall

Titanfall has already been out for a few days, and so far it has met with high praise and success. Of course, fans have been asking all sorts of questions about it, so here are a few things we learned. According to Respawn’s Vince Zampella, you’ll eventually be able to give names to your custom … Read more

Gamer Achieves 1,000,000 Xbox Live Gamerscore

Raymond Cox, the user known as Stallion83 on Xbox Live, Twitter, and Twitch, has had a certain degree of fame these past few years for his goal to be the first person ever to get an Xbox Live Gamerscore of one million. Well, he’s finally done it. In a recent interview with GameInformer, he said … Read more

Xbox Live’s Issues Aren’t Due to Titanfall

If you’ve been trying to play online Xbox One games today, such as the newly-released Titanfall, you might be having a little trouble. Xbox Live is experiencing widespread difficulties on the Xbox One, and Microsoft issued a service alert saying that it is in a “limited” state. In this limited state, many users are unable … Read more