The Elder Scrolls Online to cost $14.99 each month

January 13, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


If you plan on getting The Elder Scrolls Online then we hope you’ve been saving. Aside from the up-front cost of the game which is $59.99 for each platform, there’ll also be an ongoing monthly subscription fee of $14.99 per month. Pretty pricey…

ESO will drop for gamers on Windows PC and Apple Mac on April 4 this year, while us console users will need to wait until June some time (an exact date is not yet known). There is also an ongoing beta to which a fresh batch of invites were just recently sent out. If you haven’t received one yet though don’t stress, Bethesda has said that more emails confirming access to the beta will be sent out as we progress through the year.

With that price we sincerely hope that visiting Tamriel is going to be worth it.

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Xbox One DVR, SmartMatch require Gold subscription

August 7, 2013 by Staff - 2 Comments


Yesterday we talked about the Xbox One and it’s DVR system being limited to recording clips at a maximum of 720p and 30fps. Well today we’ve found out that you’ll also need to be a Xbox Live Gold member to enjoy it.

Other services requiring a Gold subscription have actually come to light too, including the ability to use Skype, OneGuide (best described as a “TV guide type thing”) and SmartMatch (a way to get paired more efficiently with other gamers for multiplayer games).

To be honest I find all these features being behind the Xbox Live Gold paywall a pretty bitter pill to swallow. There’s nothing stopping the DVR clips being saved to the console’s hard-drive (it doesn’t need to be uploaded to the Xbox Cloud) so why charge for it? Skype I’m used to being free, except when I call a phone number and in which case I am happy to pay Skype for the privilege.

SmartMatch being Gold only is probably the biggest disappointment. But then again you can’t play online with your Xbox with a Gold subscription, so it makes sense!

What’s your view?

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