Everything We Know About Final Fantasy XVI

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At the recent PlayStation 5 Showcase, Square Enix officially unveiled the next entry in the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy XVI was rumored to be in development for a while, particularly when concept art for an unknown fantasy game from Square Enix’s Business Division 3 appeared on their website, and now it has been announced.

Check out the Final Fantasy XVI announcement trailer below.

Right now, very little is known about Final Fantasy XVI beyond what is shown in the trailer and the official announcement from Square Enix. Here’s what we do know.


Currently, Final Fantasy XVI has only been confirmed for the PlayStation 5. The trailer shown at the showcase said Final Fantasy XVI would also be coming to the PC, but that is not shown in Square Enix’s trailer or press release. It’s possible its PS5 exclusivity is temporary, but currently we don’t know.


It was long rumored that Naoki Yoshida, known to fans as Yoshi-P, would be in charge of Final Fantasy XVI. His work on Final Fantasy XIV made him a popular choice. He has been confirmed as the producer for Final Fantasy XVI. The role of director will be filled by Hiroshi Takai, who previously was the director of The Last Remnant and is the assistant director of Final Fantasy XIV.

It is also rumored that Ryota Suzuki, who previously worked on Dragon’s Dogma and Devil May Cry 5, is involved with Final Fantasy XVI, but this is unconfirmed.

Gameplay and Combat

Final Fantasy XVI is a single player action JRPG. Judging by the combat showcased in the trailer, it will be much faster than the combat in Final Fantasy XV or Final Fantasy VII Remake. We can see both melee and magic attacks in the trailer, but specific details of the combat system are still unknown.

Only a single character is shown in the combat scenes in the trailer. However, this does not necessarily mean that Final Fantasy XVI will not have a party or even that only the protagonist will be playable. The first trailer for Final Fantasy XIII and the original reveal trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII only showed Lightning and Noctis, respectively. Party members were only revealed later on. Therefore, it is still possible that Final Fantasy XVI features a party. Nothing has been confirmed either way.

Story and Characters

The first trailer for Final Fantasy XVI gives us a glimpse of its story and world. It appears to be a high fantasy setting, something Yoshida said he would like to see the series return to. The main character is currently unnamed, but is the “Shield” for a boy named Joshua, and these two characters appear to be at the center of the game’s story. A handful of other characters are shown, including a woman who is potentially one of the antagonists.

Summons, referred to here as Eikons like in Final Fantasy XIV, seem to be highly important. Eikons are summoned or controlled by people known as Dominants. Shiva, Phoenix, and Ifrit all appear in the trailer, and since the game’s logo art appears to depict a fight between Phoenix and Ifrit, this is most likely a central conflict in the story. Crystals are also important here, another Final Fantasy tradition, and the dialogue suggests they are holding back an evil force known as the Blight.

The scenes shown in this trailer have led to much speculation about the specific story details, but trailers can be misleading. It’s too early to draw any definite conclusions about the story, the nature of Joshua, and so on.

2021 Information Reveal

We don’t know a lot about Final Fantasy XVI yet, since we only have this one trailer to go on. Fans are hopeful we might get more details this year, such as at the Tokyo Game Show this month, but the next big information reveal is set for 2021.

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Nier Replicant Coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC

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Earlier this week, Square Enix announced NieR Replicant ver 1.22474487139… for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

This is an upgraded version of the original Nier, an action RPG that was released in 2010, seven years before its highly-praised sequel, Nier: Automata.

Nier had two versions when it came out in Japan, Nier Gestalt for the Xbox 360 and Nier Replicant for the PlayStation 3. The two games were nearly identical, with the only difference being the protagonist. Gestalt starred an older man trying to save his daughter, while Replicant starred a younger man trying to save his sister. All other details remained consistent across both versions.

Only Nier Gestalt was localized, for both consoles. However, the upcoming remaster of Nier Replicant has been announced for the west as well as Japan.

NieR Replicant ver 1.22474487139… will feature re-recorded audio, a new character, and other new additions. The voice actors for 2B and 9S from Nier: Automata will play a small role, although the details of this are still unknown. Fans have wondered if a remaster might introduce “Ending E,” a fifth ending not present in the original game but detailed in supplementary material. However, it’s undecided at this point if the Nier remaster will include additional endings or not.

The string of numbers included in the remaster’s title, 1.22474487139, is the square root of 1.5. The significance of this is unknown.

A mobile game called Nier Re[in]carnation has also been announced for iOS and Android. Few details about it have been revealed so far, but producer Yosuke Saito explained they are approaching it more as if it was to be a multiplatform release and are more interested in “[causing] a stir]” than making a profit.

Director Yoko Taro described Nier Re[in]carnation as “quite new and puzzling” and “a strangely startling type of game.” A western release has not been announced yet.

Finally, the Nier: Automata Become As Gods Edition for the Xbox One is now available through Xbox Game Pass, so Xbox One owners with an active Game Pass subscription can download and play this much-praised action RPG.

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Square Enix’s Highly-Anticpated RPGs Get Japanese Websites

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FFXV Accordo

At last year’s E3 show, Square Enix made two announcements that caused much applause and cheering from the crowd, because nothing had been heard about either title for quite some time: Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV. Both of these highly-anticipated titles will be released for the Xbox One and PS4. Square Enix has been quiet on the subject, though, so we don’t know much more than we knew last June.

Now, however, the two games have official presences on the Internet. Kingdom Hearts III has pages on the Japanese websites for the Xbox One and PS4. Its Xbox One page shows the E3 trailer, some screenshots, and a short description of the game. Its PS4 page, which has existed longer, contains more information and an interview with Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura. However, no new information about the game is revealed.

The official pages for Final Fantasy XV, on the other hand, provide some new details about the battle system. Its Xbox One page has the following description:

“Final Fantasy XV features a high action system unprecedented in the series. By taking advantage of the specs of next generation consoles, characters can move freely across the whole screen. In addition to that, the party battle system is now more advanced, allowing you to enjoy party battle by switching characters more strategically.

As the royal heir of Lucis who has the last crystal in the world, the main character Noctis and his friends will suddenly be involved in the war.”

Its PS4 page has a lengthier description:

“The battles featured in Final Fantasy XV have evolved greatly from the previous games of the series, as it’s created as an action game. The game switches seamlessly from the field to battle and the combat situation evolves rapidly. It goes on quickly with a sense of full realism.

Also, it’s possible to fight not only with the hero Noctis, but also to switch with other characters. Furthermore, it’s also possible to perform a combination attack with a companion while enjoying the dynamic effect.

Noctis can fight by making use of a variety of weapons and can move quickly within the areas by attacking enemies with stylish action!

You can fight monsters by cooperating with an ally. The ability to fight in collaboration with unique companions is an important feature of this game.”

(We’d like to thank DualShockers for the translations.)

We already knew FFXV was an action RPG rather than turn-based, but these descriptions both provided some new information. The piece that stands out the most to us is that you’ll be able to switch characters. We hope this means you can change the character you’re controlling in the middle of battle, which is definitely a welcome feature.

The PS4 page contains other information as well, and another interview with Nomura, but nothing we haven’t heard before. We can’t wait to see more about both of these titles at E3! Which are you looking forward to more, and what do you hope to see in these games?

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New Hitman and Deus Ex in Development

March 28, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

Square Enix logo

Square Enix recently sent a list of release dates to Square Enix Origin, including a “TBA” section for games that are still being worked on, some of which are for the PS4 and the Xbox One.

  • Next-gen Hitman
  • Next-gen Deus-Ex
  • Next-gen Tomb Raider
  • Hitman GO (Mobile)
  • Final Fantasy Agito (Mobile)
  • Final Fantasy XV (PS4, XBOX ONE)
  • Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix (PS3)
  • Kingdom Hearts III (PS4, XBOX ONE)

Of course, we’ve known about some of these titles for a while now, but the first three jumped out at us. Back in January, we were uncertain about the future of the Hitman series, but this seems to be confirmation that a next-gen Hitman game is in the works.

We didn’t even suspect that we’d be hearing news about the next Deus Ex game, so that was a welcome surprise. In fact, yesterday Square Enix registered a trademark for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. We don’t have any details beyond the title, but that could very well be our first next-gen Deus Ex game.

And finally, this list reminds us that there will be a sequel to the recent Tomb Raider reboot.

Square Enix has a lot of big names planned for the PS4 and Xbox One. What are you looking forward to the most?

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