Uncharted 4: In the Works for the Past 3 Years?

For fans of the Uncharted series, one of the most exciting pieces of gaming news was the revelation that a fourth game was in the works. We still don’t know a lot about Uncharted 4, but it sounds as though it’s been in development for three years, following the third game’s release in 2011. Shuhei … Read more

Will We Hear About Sony’s VR Headset at GDC?

We’ve already heard and reported some rumors about the virtual reality headset Sony is supposed to be working on, and now we’ve got a new one this time, a rumor about when we’ll get to hear some concrete fact. An anonymous inside source told TechRadar that Sony plans to officially unveil the headset at GDC … Read more

Sony Shares Screenshots of Unreleased Games

Ginza, Tokyo is currently housing the Try! Playstation 4 event, but even though we aren’t there, we still can learn about new PS4 games. Sony is using the consoles’ “Share” feature to tweet screenshots from a variety of games, including some that haven’t been released here yet. So far, they’ve shared PS4 screenshots of Strider, … Read more

Details revealed about PlayStation Now

Sony has officially revealed information about PlayStation Now, the streaming service built on Gaikai. Their earliest announcement of it generated much excitement with the news that it would allow players to stream video games from previous generations, and now more details are known. PlayStation Now will stream games to the PS4, PS Vita, PS3, and … Read more

Twitch will ban you for non-gaming PS4 streaming content

Here’s a word of warning to those of you thinking about using the Twitch streaming capabilities of your new Playstation 4 for something other than gaming – don’t do it! Several people have already been banned from the video service that is deeply integrated into the PS4’s sharing functionality – including one guy who got … Read more