Imagine Mass Effect on the PS4 and Xbox One

March 3, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


Well, we still don’t have any details on Mass Effect 4, but if you never played the original trilogy—or if you would just love to play it with next-gen hardware—you might be pleased to know that Bioware is considering bringing out a remastered edition of the trilogy.

Back in December, a Twitter user asked Bioware General Manager Aaryn Flynn if there was any chance of a remastered Mass Effect Trilogy being made for the PS4 and Xbox One. Yesterday, Flynn responded, saying that Bioware has “discussed that internally.”

Now, this is certainly not a confirmation, but it shows that Bioware is open to the idea. It could very well become a reality. Flynn promised to share more details if they decide to do it, so we’ll keep you updated.

It seems a little soon to be considering something like this, with ME3 only two years old, but releases like Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition prove there is a viable market. Additionally, many fans never played the original Mass Effect. This could be a great idea, and we’d love to see Shepard’s story running on the power of the PS4 and Xbox One. What would you look forward to the most in a remastered ME trilogy?

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