Gameplay recording and streaming free for all on PS4

August 8, 2013 by Staff - 1 Comment


Not only are the DVR capabilities of the Playstation 4 superior to that of the Xbox One (it can record 15 minutes versus the 5 minutes the X1 can do), the feature is also free to all PS4 owners, no matter if they subscribe to Playstation Plus or not.

News recently broke that if you want to record your gameplay on the Xbox One, you will need to be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber. Presumably this is because the footage is uploaded to the Xbox Cloud, which isn’t free, and Microsoft need to cover their costs (although why you couldn’t freely save it to the X1 hard-drive as an alternative, we don’t know…).

Anyway, Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, is pretty good at clearing things like this up via Twitter, and did so today. Someone asked him whether the PS4’s recording and streaming features are exclusive to PS+ subscribers and his reply was a very simple “no”.

Great news.

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Xbox One DVR limited to 720p

August 6, 2013 by Staff - 2 Comments


Just the other day we talked about the Xbox Live Cloud, it’s 300,000 servers and how that’ll help increase the AI capabilities in Forza 5 by 600%. There’s much more than that to the cloud though – it also powers the DVR (digital video recorder) capabilities of the Xbox One.

We already know that your console will automatically record the last five minutes of your gameplay at all times, and that you can also save the last 30 seconds without stopping your gaming session (if you want to save the last 5 minutes you’ll need to pause the game).

Marc Whitten, chief architect for the Xbox One, has since confirmed to IGN that the DVR is limited to 720p at 30fps, meaning that you won’t be able to capture a game like Forza 5 in all it’s glory (1080p and 60fps).

I guess the limitation is justifiable given the extreme amounts of space that saved Xbox One gaming clips are expected to take up. Upping the maximum resolution and frame rate will only increase that load, and Microsoft is already offering what is essentially unlimited space for storage. They need to draw the line somewhere (at least for now)!

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PS4 can record 15 minutes worth of gameplay footage

July 23, 2013 by Staff - 4 Comments


Have you been wondering how much gameplay your PS4 will be able to automatically and continuously record? The answer is 15 minutes. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe confirmed the number to CVG just yesterday. All recording will be done by your console in the background and be available to edit and publish once you’ve finished what you’re doing.

The recorded footage can be accessed through the new DualShock 4 controller’s share button from where you’ll be able to edit, crop and add titles to your clips – all on your PS4. You can then share your videos across social networks using Ustream.

The 15 minute figure also compares favorably to the Xbox One’s automatic recording capabilities – it can take 5 minutes worth of gameplay footage. We can’t wait to see how this new feature is used by gamers once the PS4 is released and are sure there will be a lot of scope to utilize it in describing cheats, glitches, guides and more!

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