PS4 Backwards Compatibility Rumors

March 25, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment


Would you be interested in playing classic PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games on your PS4? Backwards compatibility of any sort appeals to many fans, and this isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors that Sony plans to implement it in some form.

According to the well-known insider Ahsan Rasheed, or Thuway, Sony has a lot of things planned, including the ability to play certain PS1/PS2 games on the PS4 with native 1080p resolutions.

The other features he mentioned include more VR demos at events and additional PS4 exclusives. He later went back to the backwards compatibility rumor and said “software is still buggy and not every game works.” That could mean it’ll be a while before we see this technology in working form.

He also addressed Project Morpheus and said developers are very excited about it, and Sony is taking feedback from them on how to proceed.

All of these are just rumors until we hear an official announcement from Sony, but it sure would be nice if some of these turned out to be true. What PS1/PS2 games would you want to play on the PS4?

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PS4 Will Emulate PS1/PS2 Titles

January 28, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment

While Sony’s PlayStation Now service was announced as a new sort of backwards compatibility, a feature that would allow players to stream older games to their PS4 console, new information has suggested PlayStation Now will only be for PS3 games, while the PS4 will actually be able to emulate PS1 and PS2 titles itself.

In fact, Sony may not only implement internal emulation software, but also make it so that the emulation could enhance the graphics by presenting the older games in HD resolutions. The performance of games using internal emulators would be superior to that of those being streamed through something like PlayStation Now, although there is no reason why PS1 and PS2 games could not be added to that service as well.

There are no definite details or official announcements yet, so everything is still in the realm of speculation. However, if Sony implements an actual backwards compatibility service that allows PS1 and PS2 disks to play on the PS4, fans will be ecstatic. Even if only downloaded titles can be played, the emulation decision should still meet with praise.

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