Tell Sony What You Think of Test Prices for PS Now

June 23, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

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Sony is currently under fire by a lot of fans because of the prices that have surfaced in the PlayStation Now beta. There is no sign of a subscription price yet, but sample prices have appeared for individual game rentals. PS Now has previously produced reactions ranging from excitement to skepticism, but this time, the reactions are mainly negative.

Examples prices seen include Final Fantasy XIII, with a four-hour rental for $2.99, a seven-day rental for $5.99, a 30-day rental for $7.99, and a 90-day rental for $14.99; and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, with a four-hour rental for $4.99, a seven-day rental for $6.99, a 30-day rental for $14.99, and a 90-day rental for $29.99. The most disturbing thing is that you can buy a retail copy of some of the games cheaper than the higher rental prices.

Still, fans have overreacted. These aren’t the final prices. Sony is testing the waters and welcomes feedback, as stated in the email announcement sent to beta members:

“Inside this first test, you will find a variety of rental prices and rental periods to choose from. These prices are ultimately decided on by the participating developers and publishers. Your feedback during this next phase of the Private Beta is extremely important, as we will be monitoring it closely.”

Beta testers can communicate with Sony through the normal beta feedback channels, but if you aren’t a tester and would like to make your opinion heard, you can contact Sony at [email protected]

PS Now has a lot of potential, with the chance of backwards compatibility, a new way to rent and demo games, and save data that works with the cloud–users have confirmed that data backed up to the cloud from your retail game can be accessed by the PlayStation Now game. With any luck, Sony will respond to the pricing backlash. After all, that’s what betas are for.

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A Clue to PlayStation Now Prices?

March 9, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


The Gaikai site has been updated to include details about PlayStation Now, and while we still don’t have definite details about how Sony’s game streaming service will work, the site provides some clues.

There are several pictures across the site, including one that contains prices. Three of the prices can be read: The Last of Us at $49.99, Far Cry 3 at $5.99, and Uncharted 3 at $4.99.

Now, don’t take these prices to be definite—this is far from an official announcement. It’s also unclear if those are all prices for streaming, as only Far Cry 3 and Uncharted 3 have the PlayStation Now logo by their names. Still, it provides room for additional speculation on how Sony might price games played through PlayStation Now.

From everything we’ve heard, PlayStation Now will offer two options for players, one where you can subscribe to the service and one where you can pay on a per-game basis. Which sounds more appealing to you?

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Canadian EB Games Raises Price of Upcoming Games

January 20, 2014 by Staff - 2 Comments


The standard price for new Xbox One and PS4 games has been $59.99 for a while, but EB Games in Canada has now listed upcoming next-generation games for $64.99, raising the price by $5. That isn’t a huge increase, but it’s still surprising.

No reason has been given for the change, although some fans wonder if it is related to the increased popularity of digital games. There is no clear indication of whether the price will change in the US as well. Games with the new pricing include Watch Dogs, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Destiny, Thief, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (yes, even some PS3 games have received an increase).

Most players are displeased, and many have cancelled their preorders at EB Games in favor of preordering from a different retailer.

Let’s hope this doesn’t become more widespread!

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