PS4 Will Get 2 PS+ Games a Month from Now On

May 29, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

Trine 2

Changes are coming to PlayStation Plus, but not the sort that should make you worry. In fact, for PS4 users, one of these changes should be quite welcome indeed. Unlike in previous months, where only one game in the PS+ lineup was for the PS4, each month’s games will now be evenly divided between Sony’s three platforms: two PS4 games, two PS3 games, and two PS Vita games.

In June, subscribers can pick up puzzle platformer Trine 2: Complete Story and twin-stick shooter Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate for the PS4.

Another change is coming in July. All six games will become available on the first Tuesday of the month and remain available until the first Tuesday of the next month. Keep in mind, this will not affect June’s games.

Additionally, some of the older games in the Instant Games Collection will be leaving soon, so make sure you grab any free titles you’ve been waiting on!

The remaining games for June for the US are:

  • NBA 2K14 (PS3)
  • Sly Cooper: Thieves of Time (PS3, cross-buy with Vita)
  • Terraria (PS Vita)
  • Mutant Mudds Deluxe (PS Vita)

And for Europe:

  • NBA 2K14 (PS3)
  • Lone Survivor (PS3)
  • Dragon’s Crown (PS Vita)
  • Surge Deluxe (PS Vita)

For the full details, check out the official blog post. What do you think of these changes?

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New Driveclub Video, PS+ Controversy is Resolved

May 9, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment


Just when we thought the controversy surrounding the free PS+ version of Driveclub was over, Evolution Studios dropped a bombshell: for $49.99, you could upgrade your PS+ version to the full version of the game, but you would still only have access to it for as long as you were a PS+ subscriber. It would take an additional $10 to make the game yours permanently.

This did not go over well.

Fans launched an online social media campaign to convince Sony to reverse the policy, and Game Director Paul Rustchynsky promised to investigate. Well, whether it was the uproar of fans or Rustchynsky’s queries, Sony changed its mind today:

“UPDATE: Our priority for DRIVECLUB is to enable you to play and enjoy everything it has to offer and PlayStation recognises that the prior plan for DRIVECLUB entitlement for the upgrade to the PS Plus edition was not appropriate. As a result, we have adjusted the PlayStation Plus terms for DRIVECLUB.

“Now, If you intend on downloading DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition, and upgrading to the full game experience, you will have access to the full game even if your PlayStation Plus subscription runs out.”

This news should please fans. Additionally, we’ve got a new trailer to show you, which explains how Driveclub’s clubs work. Enjoy!

So, what do you think about Driveclub so far? And just to make sure there’s no confusion, if you get the free PS+ version and upgrade it to the full version, the full version will be yours to keep even if you stop being a member of PS+.

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You Can Get Platinum Trophy in PS+ Version of Driveclub

May 4, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment


There has been some confusion over the free Playstation Plus version of Driveclub, so we hope we can clear things up. Back when Driveclub was first announced, there were very few details available about the content in the free version available to PS+ subscribers, but a lot people got the impression that it would be basically the same as the main game, with just a little less content. One of the things that helped this impression was when the Driveclub devs said you’d be able to get the Platinum PS4 trophy even with the free version.

In light of the recent announcement that the free PS+ version of Driveclub will contain only 10 cars and 5 tracks with 11 variants, and that this isn’t enough to finish the campaign, a lot of fans have felt betrayed and lied to.

In response to this, Game Director Paul Rustchynsky confirmed that the original statement still stands. You can get the Platinum trophy in the PS+ version.

Don’t forget, the free PS+ version of Driveclub comes with all other features of the main game. Additionally, you’ll be able to pay a discounted price to upgrade to the full version, although we don’t know how much it will cost yet. We’ll be interested to see how this all plays out.

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New Driveclub Trailer and PS+ Version Details

May 2, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment


As promised, new information has been released about the PS4-exclusive Driveclub. When its release date (October 7, which is definitely shaping up to be a big day for video game releases) was announced, Game Director Paul Rustchynsky said we’d have to wait until this week to hear details about the frame rate.

Driveclub will run at a locked 30 fps. When asked, he said that in a racing game, a consistent frame rate is more important than a higher one.

Other fans have been concerned about the content of the free PlayStation Plus version of Driveclub, with some rumors suggesting it is just a demo, rather than a full game in its own right. Rustchynsky also addressed those concerns:

“It’s hardly a demo because you get access to all of the game’s features online and offline. The difference is that you only have 10 cars and you can only race in one country (which gives you access to 5 tracks with 11 distinct variants).”

We still aren’t sure how much content the main version of the game has, but the PS+ version sounds as though it’ll still have a good deal of things for you to do. However, you won’t be able to complete the single player campaign with only 10 cars and 5 tracks.

Finally, while this trailer doesn’t show anything particularly new, it’s worth mentioning that Mercedes Benz posted a video of the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black Series in the game. Head on over to take a look.

What do you think? We expect to have more details as we get closer to E3, and of course, we should see much more at E3 itself.

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PS4 Puzzle Game Stick it to the Man! Comes to PS+ in May

April 24, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

Stick it to the Man

If you didn’t know the bizarre puzzle game called Stick it to the Man! was a PS4 title, we aren’t surprised, as it isn’t out yet. Stick it to the Man! was previously available on the PC, PS3, and Vita, but now it’s on its way to the PS4 (and the Wii U). It releases in Europe on April 30 and in North American on May 6, and subscribers of PlayStation Plus will be able to get it for free in May.

Stick it to the Man! involves psychic powers, a paper universe, and stickers. It’s rather hard to describe, so we recommend you watch the original launch trailer to get a feeling for the craziness that awaits you.

The full May PS+ lineup for North American players is:

  • Stick it to the Man! (PS4)
  • Puppeteer (PS3)
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (PS3)
  • Skullgirls Encore (PS3)
  • Surge Deluxe (PS Vita)
  • Limbo (PS Vita)

And for European players:

  • Stick it the Man! (PS4)
  • Puppeteer (PS3)
  • Payday 2 (PS3)
  • Muramasa Rebirth (PS Vita)
  • Everybody’s Golf (PS Vita)

If you haven’t checked out the April lineup yet, be sure to do so before the end of the month.

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February: Games with Gold vs PlayStation Plus

February 7, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


Both Microsoft and Sony will be offering a selection of new titles to their subscribers over the month of February, and we have both lists for you to consider and compare.

If you aren’t familiar with these services, Xbox Live players that subscribe to Xbox Live Gold, as well as Sony Entertainment Network (PlayStation Network) players that subscribe to PlayStation Plus, can get new games for free each month for their respective consoles. Currently, Microsoft offers two free games a month that players can keep forever, while Sony offers several titles a month that players can keep for as long as they remain a PS+ member.

This month, Microsoft’s Games with Gold will feature:

  • Dead Island
  • Toy Soldiers: Cold War

Meanwhile, Sony’s PlayStation Plus will feature:

  • Outlast (PS4)
  • Metro Last Light
  • Pay Day 2
  • Remember Me
  • Mod Nation Racers (PS Vita)
  • Street Fighter X Tekken (PS Vita)

It looks to us like Sony has the stronger lineup for February, even if Microsoft’s titles can be kept permanently. What do you think?

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PS+ free games for December revealed

November 28, 2013 by Staff - 1 Comment


Sony has just released details of the free games that Playstation Plus (PS+) subscribers can expect for the month of December.

The free games for the PS4 were actually already known – owners of Sony’s next generation console will be able to grab both Resogun and Contrast for free in December. Plus there’s also price discounts on Super Motherload (save 10%) and Trine 2 (save 20%) until Decemebr 13. Finally, if you have Assassin’s Creed IV on the PS4 then make sure you download a free “Aveline” ship figurehead.

As for Playstation 3 owners, you’ll get GRID 2 and Guacamelee!, with PS Vita owners also receiving Guacamelee! gratis along with Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

We have to say that the free game offerings from PS+ are certainly much stronger than Microsoft’s “Games with Gold” program, at least for now…

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Playstation Plus (PS+) subscriptions $30 at Amazon on Black Friday

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Those of you looking for a Playstation Plus subscription are in luck, Amazon are going to be selling them for just $30 on Black Friday – a discount of $20 off the normal price.

We shouldn’t really have to recount the numerous benefits of having a PS+ subscription, but quickly – you get free games every month (sweet) and it’s mandatory to have a subscription if you want to play multiplayer online on the PS4. Check out this post here to get the full rundown on all the benefits though.

Anyway, back to the deal – just head over here on Black Friday and grab a few cards for cheap. The Playstation 4 only just arrived so why not treat yourself to a couple years worth – we certainly are!

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Playstation bonuses in PS4 retail boxes

November 10, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment


If you live in the United States or Canada and will be picking up a new PS4 console in the next few months then you can also expect to receive some bonus goodies too.

Sony has just announced that every new Playstation 4 retail package will include the following:

  • $10 credit for the Playstion Store
  • 30 day Playstation Plus trial
  • 30 day free trial for Music Unlimited

The $10 credit for the Playstation Store is probably the nicest score in this deal as you can spend it on absolutely anything you want – games included. As well as that, if you don’t already have a PS+ subscription (and given that you don’t need to subscribe to play multiplayer on the PS3, we expect there will be a few of you) it’s a nice chance to sample Sony’s revamped online gaming offering and of course play some multiplayer PS4 games!

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PS+ for online PS4 set to make Sony billions

August 15, 2013 by Staff - 1 Comment


Sony looks set to reap billions of dollars by introducing Playstation Plus as a requirement in order to play games online with the PS4.

Research firm IHS Electronics and Media has run the numbers and says that Sony should generate $1.2 billion courtesy of the PS+ service in the year 2017 and at least one billion dollars each year thereafter (although presumably the figure will actually increase).

The numbers compare very favorably to current PS+ revenue stats. IHS estimates that Sony took in only $140 million thanks to the service in 2012. Although it should be noted that a valid Playstation Plus subscription is not required in order to play online with the PS3. This will only come in with the Playstation 4 – hence the higher projected numbers.

By way of comparison, IHS also says that Microsoft made $1.25 billion in 2012 thanks to the Xbox Live Gold subscription model – which requires you to pay in order to play online.

With all the benefits of Playstation Plus (free games!) we can’t see any reason why it won’t be adopted extremely widely with the PS4.

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