Tell Sony What You Think of Test Prices for PS Now

Sony is currently under fire by a lot of fans because of the prices that have surfaced in the PlayStation Now beta. There is no sign of a subscription price yet, but sample prices have appeared for individual game rentals. PS Now has previously produced reactions ranging from excitement to skepticism, but this time, the … Read more

PlayStation Now Has Improved Its Load Times

We’re excited to hear more about PlayStation Now, and how it could bring great games and even a degree of backwards compatibility to the PS4. Sadly, participants in the beta are bound by non-disclosure agreements…not that it stops a few players from anonymously revealing information anyway. Such a source has provided Dualshockers with a look … Read more

Rentals Temporarily Appear on PS Store

Yesterday, something very interesting happened to a few users browsing the PlayStation Store. They found rental options for the game Catherine. One user took a screenshot of the page and tweeted it to the site PSNStores, which then checked it out. Catherine displayed options for 1-day rentals, 7-day rentals, and 30-day rentals. According to the … Read more

Details revealed about PlayStation Now

Sony has officially revealed information about PlayStation Now, the streaming service built on Gaikai. Their earliest announcement of it generated much excitement with the news that it would allow players to stream video games from previous generations, and now more details are known. PlayStation Now will stream games to the PS4, PS Vita, PS3, and … Read more