New SDK Could Enable 1080p Future Xbox One Games

We’ve certainly heard a lot of criticism over the lack of Xbox One games that support 1080p resolutions with 60 fps frame rates, but it seems Microsoft has decided to change that. Jean-Baptiste Bolcato says Rebellion Games’ upcoming shooter Sniper Elite 3 will support 1080p, and according to him, Microsoft’s new SDK will bring the … Read more

Xbox One Update Will Prepare Social Features for Titanfall

We recently let you know about the upcoming Xbox One update that will let you see your controller’s battery life and manage your storage, and now we have details about the next planned update after that. Before Titanfall launches in early March, Microsoft will issue an update to improve the social and multiplayer features in … Read more

PS4 Update 1.6 Brings Improvements and Headset Support

We previously heard some rumors about the firmware update 1.6 for the PlayStation 4, and now it’s a reality. This new update improves the quality of the console’s DVD playback, provides support for wireless headsets, and allows players to mute the PlayStation Camera microphone. It’s great to see the new update out so soon, especially … Read more

Battlefield 4 Players Receive Invites to Titanfall Alpha

One of the most highly-anticipated titles announced for the new generation of consoles is Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall. Titanfall, a first-person shooter with an emphasis on mechs and mech combat, received much attention after its reveal at E3, and is scheduled to be released in March. And right now gamers who play Battlefield 4 and are … Read more

New patch update for Battlefield 4 on PS4

It’s just one of many patches that have been required for EA’s Battlefield 4 shooter, but here’s the details on what recently went live for the Playstation 4 version of the game. Apparently this particular game update is focused on stability (hooray!) and balancing issues. It should also resolve some flickering that you might have … Read more

Major Xbox One update on its way

Reception of the Xbox One has been mostly positive, but the new version of Xbox Live has not been as well-received as its predecessor. Fans consider it to be less user-friendly, with certain features hidden or located in unexpected areas. Microsoft’s Marc Whitten has assured everyone, however, that they have plans to update it in … Read more

EA rumored to offer free DLC as compensation for BF4 issues

If you play Battlefield 4, or have been keeping up with recent news, then you’ll know that until recently it’s pretty much been an absolute shambles on both the Xbox One and Playstation 4, as well as the PC. While the problems appear to be fixed now (several patches later…), the only compensation that affected … Read more

Latest Battlefield 4 update for Xbox One fixes major problems?

Battlefield 4 has been experiencing some “issues” ever since it was launched on both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The game is renowned for constantly crashing, gamers are seriously up in arms about it (and rightly so), Microsoft is offering refunds because of the issues to some gamers, and Electronic Arts is even being … Read more